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May 2016 — In 1992 Constantine Grapsas – a young electrical engineer – developed the first CNC wire spiral machine in the world and the first CNC steel wire bender that took wire directly from a spool, made in the USA: the “Accu...[read more]

Outokumpu and Bollinghaus to partner in special shapes bar

May 2016 — Espoo/Finland (Outokumpu) – Outokumpu Long Products has a long relationship with German Bollinghaus Steel; a special shapes bar supplier. The parties now have announced a sales and marketing partnership by appointing Bollinghaus Steel as a...[read more]

Yongxing orders reducing+sizing block from Kocks

May 2016 — Hilden/Germany (Kocks) – Yongxing Special Stainless Steel has orders a “RSB 370++/4” reducing+sizing block in SCS design from Friedrich Kocks GmbH+Co in Hilden/Germany. [read more]

Wire products in railway technology

May 2016 — At first glance the most obvious wire products we would expect to find are the compression springs in the carriage bogies and, in the case of electrified lines, the overhead catenaries or power lines. But at second sight there is much more than...[read more]

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