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June 2016 — The trade journal WIRE first appeared in 1951. Back then, it was published by Arthur Prost in Coburg/Germany. Meisenbach, which initially printed WIRE at its printing house in Bamberg/Germany until 1978 and then went on to publish it, is proud to be...[read more]

Profitable wire measurement

May 2016 — Innumerable wires of all sizes, diameters and forms are bended and processed every day. An efficient and precise monitoring, quality control, and inspection here is essential. Thus, optical metrology is applied in many fields. Aicon 3D Systems...[read more]

Lesjofors acquires spring company John While

June 2016 — Karlstad/Sweden (Lesjofors) – Swedish Lesjofors AB has acquired the John While Group Inc (JWG), a Singaporean based spring company with subsidiaries in China, Thailand and Singapore. [read more]

Smart solutions for wire bending

August 2016 — Metal wire is being used in an increasing number of industries. BLM responds to this need with a range of wire bending Systems covering the whole field of processing including double-headed and single-headed machines. [read more]

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