Compounds for common cable standards

March 2017 — Melos and cooperation partner Inhol have completed a range of thermoplastic insulation, sheathing and bedding compounds with improved price-performance ratios, making it worthwhile for the cable industry to change over to these smart compounds. [read more]

Lubricants for aluminium wire drawing

March 2017 — Condat will focus on its Aluminum wire drawing lubricants range. The use of this material in the electrical industry is increasing due to its cost efficiency compared to Copper. In addition, the metal offers interesting benefits such as good...[read more]

How would you define “competitiveness”?

March 2017 — Companies usually have an own understanding of what "competitiveness" should be. For Maillefer it implies the increasing of the lifetime value of the customers’ technology in different production and market circumstances. [read more]

Innovation as a principle

March 2017 — 25 years ago, a young American engineer had developed the world’s first automatic CNC spiral machine. Constantine Grapsas’ “Accu Spiral” helped fan-guard manufacturers to raise their productivity over 1000% and reduce...[read more]

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