Smart solutions for wire bending

August 2016 — Metal wire is being used in an increasing number of industries. BLM responds to this need with a range of wire bending Systems covering the whole field of processing including double-headed and single-headed machines. [read more]

How to prevent premature tool failure

May 2016 — FEM simulation programs currently constitute a powerful and widely used instrument for the design of processing stages, the optimisation of material flows and forecasting of die wear. They are used as standard in many cold- and hot-forming plants for...[read more]

Rolling ring drive handles spools of any contour

May 2016 — “Motor Drive” is based on a Uhing rolling ring drive, extended by sensors and an electronic control unit. The software running on the control unit was also engineered by the company. [read more]

Industry companion

June 2016 — The trade journal WIRE first appeared in 1951. Back then, it was published by Arthur Prost in Coburg/Germany. Meisenbach, which initially printed WIRE at its printing house in Bamberg/Germany until 1978 and then went on to publish it, is proud to be...[read more]

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