Lubricants for aluminium wire drawing

March 2017 — Condat will focus on its Aluminum wire drawing lubricants range. The use of this material in the electrical industry is increasing due to its cost efficiency compared to Copper. In addition, the metal offers interesting benefits such as good...[read more]

New developements for CCV lines and VCV lines for XLPE

March 2017 — At "Interwire" fair, Troester will present new developments in the field of CCV lines and VCV lines for XLPE and rubber cables, one step silane lines for LV and MV cable applications, as well as high speed insulation lines and sheathing...[read more]

Dear newsletter readers,

April 2017 — Want to take a look at the entire WIRE printed issue? You can read the Interwire issue of WIRE 1/2017 (pdf-file) or simply press the button “Trial Copy” on To make sure that the newsletter does reach...[read more]

Customised line configurations for silicone extrusion

March 2017 — If you're a silicone cable manufacturer and need a supplier that understands your requirements: Rosendahl is a supplier that understands the silicone product, which is very demanding in its material performance, material properties and its...[read more]

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