Rolling ring drive handles spools of any contour

May 2016 — “Motor Drive” is based on a Uhing rolling ring drive, extended by sensors and an electronic control unit. The software running on the control unit was also engineered by the company. [read more]

Profitable wire measurement

May 2016 — Innumerable wires of all sizes, diameters and forms are bended and processed every day. An efficient and precise monitoring, quality control, and inspection here is essential. Thus, optical metrology is applied in many fields. Aicon 3D Systems...[read more]

Manufacturing plus systems engineering

May 2016 — 1975 Fortuna Federn was founded by Mr. Juray Fofonjka as a manufacturer of springs. The company’s location at that time was Gross St. Florian/Austria. In year 1976 the enterprise changed the site and since than it is situated in Poelfing Brunn,...[read more]

Strictly innovative since 24 years

May 2016 — In 1992 Constantine Grapsas – a young electrical engineer – developed the first CNC wire spiral machine in the world and the first CNC steel wire bender that took wire directly from a spool, made in the USA: the “Accu...[read more]

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