Smart Factory 4.0 shows tomorrow’s production here and now

April 2016 — Industry 4.0 is a term that is currently on everyone’s minds when it comes to the subject of networked production in the digital factory of the future. The concept is discussed in associations, industries and companies, and is certainly interpreted...[read more]

Highly automated and robust stranding machines

March 2016 — With 45 years of continuous presence in manufacturing and design of rigid stranding machines, Associated Engineers+Industrials Ltd. (AEI) has taken power conductor stranding to the next level. The specialist known for superior quality and performance...[read more]

Developing new guiding solutions

March 2016 — A collaboration with a Swedish high-tech cable manufacturer has led Subec to the development of a new multi-dimensional Precision Guide Unit (PGU). It aligns and stabilizes the wire in x-y-planes before entering the extrusion head. This allows for...[read more]


Why copper rather than aluminium for power cables?

March 2016 — European Copper Institute introduces ten reasons why copper is the preferred conductor in electricity systems, concluding that when looking at lifetime costs, there is hardly any economic advantage to using the initially less expensive aluminium...[read more]

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