Wafios showcasing cross-section of its current machine range

September 2015 — The “B3” of German machine tool builder Wafios is the culmination of a symbiosis between innovative ideas and many years of know-how. The familiar “BM” series concept of turning the wire rather than the bending head has been successfully integrated into the “B” series design. The fixed position of the bending head offers a wealth of benefits in terms of performance, process reliability, quality and service life. Over past decades, the machines in the enterprise’s “FMU” series have established themselves firmly in the wire-processing industry, becoming synonymous with maximum universality and optimum performance. With the new distinct, universal and powerful FMU 16, 25 and 40 Wafios is showcasing machines for torsion spring applications which feature numerous innovations. The company is pursuing a deliberate strategy in basing its new concept for tube benders on the “RBV” type 60, which has already garnered much success: The new RBV 42 will be available with three rotary head designs that are already proven in practice, as well as with the RBV 42 R standard design, as the RBV 42 RS reinforced version, and in the form of the RBV 42 ST stabiliser bending machine.

Wafios AG – Wafios do Brasil LTDA
wire South America 2015, booth RUA 900 / 1003/1005
Phone: +49 7121 1460

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