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An app to find the right alloy

June 2017 — British Alloy Wire International, supplier of wire in high performance alloys, has launched a new application to help its customer base find the right material for their applications. [read more]

South Africa’s CBI implements “Cable Builder”

April 2017 — CBI Electric: African Cables (CBI) has selected Dutch Innovites to implement “Cable Builder” in their engineering operations.  [read more]

Wire, cable and Industry 4.0

March 2017 — Cable and wire are essential to the functioning of technical systems. They are vital elements in Industry 4.0: in the internet-based digital and self-regulating interaction of manufacture and IT technologies. The "wire” fair April 2018 in...[read more]

Integrated solution for length-based manufacturers

March 2017 — At the "Interwire" show May in Atlanta/USA Advaris - German developer of wire and cable software - will be presenting “Advaris Cable”, an integrated modular solution for industrial manufacturers of long goods. [read more]

Vibrations smartly countered

July 2016 — Long wire parts tend to vibrate when they are bent. Until now, the required quality of the items could only be achieved by a manual adapting of each bending step. Wafios’ software solution “iQsmartbend” spares this slowdown of the...[read more]

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