CA-technologies and Simulation

Concepts on “Industry 4.0”

March 2018 — Niehoff manufactures machinery for the wire and cable industry. At “wire” the company will exhibit a multiwire drawing line “MMH 121+RM 161”, a “D 632” double twist bunching system, an NPS double spooler...[read more]

Trends in manufacturing 2018

January 2018 — The quality and flexibility required in industrial production cannot be provided without the corresponding software systems. Industrial production is also seeing the rapid advance of digitization. German DIIT AG sketches the most important trends in...[read more]

Quality assurance in the production of wire harnesses

January 2018 — Wire harnesses are a central component of modern vehicles. Highest possible quality here is essential. For quality assurance in a complex and largely manual manufacturing process, the use of a specialised Manufacturing Execution System is...[read more]

Controlling wire tension on rotating process machinery

November 2017 — Retrofits and upgrades of aged stranding or similar machinery are the only feasible alternative to purchasing new machines. Parallel to these improvements manufacturers look for ways to increase their process safety and the quality of end products. [read more]

An app to find the right alloy

June 2017 — British Alloy Wire International, supplier of wire in high performance alloys, has launched a new application to help its customer base find the right material for their applications. [read more]

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