CA-technologies and Simulation

Calculating temperature distribution in forming tools

June 2018 — Selecting a suitable tribo-system for a fast running cold forming operation or assessing the tool wear due to the effecting load spectrum are quite sensitive tasks for the optimization of a forming process. [read more]

Concepts on “Industry 4.0”

March 2018 — Niehoff manufactures machinery for the wire and cable industry. At “wire” the company will exhibit a multiwire drawing line “MMH 121+RM 161”, a “D 632” double twist bunching system, an NPS double spooler...[read more]

Optimising the forming process of wire profiles

March 2018 — Rolling tools and drawing dies for the production of rolled wire profiles are exclusively designed and optimised using CAE software. But the time and effort involved for new, complex shaped wire profiles or even the making of the first...[read more]

ERP for smart cable factories

January 2018 — Innovites will present “Cable ERP”, which is built on cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365. The software solution makes cable factories smarter and more efficient using the latest innovations in IT.  [read more]

Trends in manufacturing 2018

January 2018 — The quality and flexibility required in industrial production cannot be provided without the corresponding software systems. Industrial production is also seeing the rapid advance of digitization. German DIIT AG sketches the most important trends in...[read more]

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