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“Spring designer 3D” for “WIM” CNC coiler machines

August 2019 — “Spring Designer 3D” is a new software specially designed by Fortuna Federn for the “WIM” CNC spring lathe coilers. It enables a fast and easy machine setup with tremendous 3D visualisation. Spring Designer 3 D...[read more]

Condumex relies on Smart Factory software

August 2019 — Mexican enterprise Condumex had to replace the existing ERP system. Since none of the standard systems on the market would cover the cable production’s special requirements, the company decided to use the industry specific cable solution...[read more]

Managing parts cleaning plants more cleverly

July 2019 — Digitisation and networking are changing production. Even parts cleaning is not unaffected. On the contrary, the cloud solution “Care Connect” makes it possible to optimise the availability, process reliability, production planning...[read more]

How to bridge the cable industry’s skills gap

June 2019 — In 1982, a quarter of Great Britain’s working population was active in the manufacturing sector. 2002 this figure dropped to 12%. Recent statistics show 8%. This is typical. Nearly all industrialised countries manufacturing jobs decline since...[read more]

“Digital Assistant+” and wire processing innovations

June 2019 — Main article of the last issue “Niehoff Magazine” – customer magazine of Maschinenfabrik Niehoff – deals with some results of a pilot project related to the application of the...[read more]

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