CA-technologies and Simulation

Controlling wire tension on rotating process machinery

November 2017 — Retrofits and upgrades of aged stranding or similar machinery are the only feasible alternative to purchasing new machines. Parallel to these improvements manufacturers look for ways to increase their process safety and the quality of end products. [read more]

An app to find the right alloy

June 2017 — British Alloy Wire International, supplier of wire in high performance alloys, has launched a new application to help its customer base find the right material for their applications. [read more]

South Africa’s CBI implements “Cable Builder”

April 2017 — CBI Electric: African Cables (CBI) has selected Dutch Innovites to implement “Cable Builder” in their engineering operations.  [read more]

Wire, cable and Industry 4.0

March 2017 — Cable and wire are essential to the functioning of technical systems. They are vital elements in Industry 4.0: in the internet-based digital and self-regulating interaction of manufacture and IT technologies. The "wire” fair April 2018 in...[read more]

Integrated solution for length-based manufacturers

March 2017 — At the "Interwire" show May in Atlanta/USA Advaris - German developer of wire and cable software - will be presenting “Advaris Cable”, an integrated modular solution for industrial manufacturers of long goods. [read more]

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