One head, two rollers, and an efficient way to descale wire

July 2017 — The new wide-belt grinding descaler “SEZ-2-450” ensures an optimal surface conditioning of wire rod. At “wire Southeast Asia”, Witechs will inform on the technical features. At the enterprise’s German production...[read more]

Version diversity under control

May 2017 — Suppliers for the automotive and electrical industry face challenges such as increasingly sophisticated components, more product versions and shrinking batch sizes. Baumann in Lichtenstein/Germany, is mastering them with the help of...[read more]

Precision die-tools for the wire and cable industry

August 2016 — Eder Engineering GmbH brings 70 years of experience and exposure to the global market, in supplying top-of-the-line machines for die processing, e.g. leading standard-, semi-automatic- and fully automatic machines for both the reconditioning and...[read more]

Simply a more efficient technology

May 2016 — The stamping and forming and assembly machines of Otto Bihler have been making marks for over six decades now. From the world’s first stamping and forming machine to today’s high-tech servo-controlled production systems, the...[read more]

Effortless cutting of wire and bars

March 2016 — Krenn is a specialist in steel cutting. With the acquisition of the steel cutter and testing press division from Kamax in 2015 the product range of Krenn has significantly expanded. For the first time the medium-sized German company with a tradition...[read more]

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