Servo hydraulic bar stop

February 2019 — Hatebur has developed a new system for cutting forgings. A servo-hydraulic stop ensures the quality of the sheared sections and makes post-processings unnessesary. The manufacturer offers the technology on several machine types. [read more]

Well performed straightening and cutting of wire

January 2019 — Already in the basic version, the performance series “RE” copes with the majority of straightening and cutting tasks on wires. For further requirements there is an optional package. The control surface is based on...[read more]

Machines for high-tech processing wire

March 2018 — Jouhsen-Bundgens at “wire” fair will present machines for straightening, cutting and machining of wire. On show will be the "Precision Cut UD2", with rotary straightener, nozzles for materials with sensitive surface, and...[read more]

Machines to grind, polish and size dies

January 2018 — The goal of making more wire per die is easily reached with a Die Quip die finishing machine.  [read more]

Kieselstein shows portfolio apart from machines

January 2018 — Kieselstein at the “wire” fair will not only show one exhibit which will be a drawing block for the production of trolley wire with a preceding shaving unit. Moreover, they will show solutions for service engineering in connection...[read more]

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