Highly automated spring end grinding machine

September 2017 — Developed in Germany, built by the Chinese subsidiary company: Wafios’ “G 450” is intended to cover wide customer circles and the most frequent tasks around the grinding of spring ends. A bulky option package serves...[read more]

One head, two rollers, and an efficient way to descale wire

July 2017 — The new wide-belt grinding descaler “SEZ-2-450” ensures an optimal surface conditioning of wire rod. At “wire Southeast Asia”, Witechs will inform on the technical features. At the enterprise’s German production...[read more]

Version diversity under control

May 2017 — Suppliers for the automotive and electrical industry face challenges such as increasingly sophisticated components, more product versions and shrinking batch sizes. Baumann in Lichtenstein/Germany, is mastering them with the help of...[read more]

Precision die-tools for the wire and cable industry

August 2016 — Eder Engineering GmbH brings 70 years of experience and exposure to the global market, in supplying top-of-the-line machines for die processing, e.g. leading standard-, semi-automatic- and fully automatic machines for both the reconditioning and...[read more]

Simply a more efficient technology

May 2016 — The stamping and forming and assembly machines of Otto Bihler have been making marks for over six decades now. From the world’s first stamping and forming machine to today’s high-tech servo-controlled production systems, the...[read more]

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