Driven cold rolling stand improves flexibility

November 2018 — German company EJP has got the order from OJSC MMK-Metiz to build two drawing lines for the Magnitogorsk plant in Russia. A combined line will produce bright steel with diameters from 8mm to 30mm. A chain puller line will produce bars up to 68mm in diameter.

With the new lines, which will come with a number of innovative features, MMK-Metiz is going to expand its product range, among others, towards larger diameters. The excellent product quality – e.g. straightness tolerance of 0.1mm/m and diameter tolerances of h8 and h9 – will provide MMK-Metiz a leading position in the Russian bright steel. The new lines will boost the works’ output by approx. 15 tons per hour of bright steel products.

With a drawing force of 30t and drawing speeds of up to 80m/min, the combined drawing line “CDS 300” will produce finished bars in diameters from 8mm to 30mm – from coil-to-bar, from coil-to-coil or bar-to-bar, as desired. As an innovation, EJP is going to install a driven cold rolling stand between the blasting plant and the drawing machine. The function of the rolling stand is to pre-form the material so that it will be possible to directly draw from round to square. The high-precision drive control will make the forming process much more accurately controllable than in the past. The servo-electric actuation of the drawing jaws achieves more flexibility in bar and tube drawing, cuts the set-up times and reduces the maintenance effort.

The “DB 800” chain draw bench will be designed for drawing forces of up to 80t and the production of bars in diameters of up to 68mm, straight from bar to bar. Both lines will be equipped with eddy-current testers for inline inspection of the surface quality. In case of small to medium diameters, the machine can process three bars simultaneously.

Denis Kanaev, director for technology at MMK-Metiz, explains why his company has chosen EJP as supplier: “We conducted a comprehensive market analysis and EJP clearly came out on top when we drew up the technology shortlist. The EJP lines fulfil our requirements one hundred percent. Once our new lines are running, we will be one of the leading producers in Europe in terms of product quality and delivery performance.” Jacques Paraskevas is managing director and shareholder of EJP: He’s convinced that having their German manufacturing base has proved to be the right strategy for the company:  “The order from MMK-Metiz is the biggest in our company history. However, since then we have already received another order for a combined drawing line CDS 300.” One more proof of the continuing good international reputation of technology “Made in Germany”. EJP will be the general contractor for the supply of the two lines. Installation is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2018, commissioning is slated for spring 2019.

Since 1981, EJP has been active as designers, manufacturers and distributors of modularized machinery and single plants used in bar, tube and profile production. The portfolio spans all production steps from the handling of the input stock via drawing, peeling, straightening and inspection operations all the way through to the storage of the final products. The company is the only supplier of combined drawing machines produced in Germany. The extensive track record of innovative developments, such as the patented adjustable head of the peeling machines, which ensures perfectly round bars, is proof of EJP’s technology leadership.

EJP Maschinen GmbH
Max-Planck-Strasse 4
52499 Baesweiler/Germany
Contact person is Mr. Jacques Paraskevas
Tel.:  +49 2401.9541-0

Metiznikov Street 5
455002 Magnitogorsk/Russia
Contact person is Mr. Denis Kanaev
Tel.: +7 3519 2417-01

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