Drives and Control

Innovation as a principle

March 2017 — 25 years ago, a young American engineer had developed the world’s first automatic CNC spiral machine. Constantine Grapsas’ “Accu-Spiral” helped fan-guard manufacturers to raise their productivity over 1,000% and...[read more]

Wire processing

Modern rebar shops make 4.0

October 2015 — The challenges for rebar shops have been steadily increasing in the last years. With innovative production solutions, a higher degree of flexibility and efficiency can be achieved. Progress Maschinen+Automation has been operating in this field for...[read more]

Wire bending

A most complete solution

August 2015 — At the turn of the year the production plant of one of the most modern rebar shops in the world, SC Ferrotech Pte Ltd in Singapore, began production of mesh, stirrups, rebars and reinforcing cages. Progress Maschinen+Automation were responsible for...[read more]

Encoder signal transmission for wire control systems

October 2014 — “RTM X2.MP” is an advanced solution for wire control in bow type stranding machines. The fully equipped MP-system can transmit up to 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, one analogue input, one analogue output, two force measuring rollers and 4...[read more]


Non-contact flange detection

October 2012 — In 2004, Uhing added the non-contact FA flange detecting system for rolling ring drives to its product range. This economically priced solution that automatically corrects the reversal points of rolling ring traversing gears relieves the employees in...[read more]

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