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September 2018 — WTM designs, develops and manufactures machines for producing special cables. The program includes cable taping, spinning and screening machines, single-twist stranders, and rewinding lines inclusively thermic treatments.

The company’s customers are main leaders in the production of high performance cables for aeronautical and aerospace applications, satellite systems, data cables, cloud information technology and high frequency cables, automotive and industrial communicating cables. Particular attention is paid to the process for producing aeronautic cables. Over many years, WTM has developed specific solutions that fulfil the requirements for this high-tech product. Thanks to the dynamic electronic dancer,

WTM’s wrapping heads are able to run at very high speed maintaining the consistency of the taping pitch with a very accurate tension control, which is a must in this type of application. For what concerns data cables, especially twinaxial and coaxial type, WTM screening and sealing machines provide the most consistent production able to reach up to 25 GHz to 50 GHz and more. The realization of these specific and high-tech cables can be supervised by “Visio System”, created by WTM for in-line visual inspection. Through high speed industrial cameras placed after the taping process, the system elaborates in real time the frames collected and gives accurate indications about the cable geometry and surface quality.

The software calculates, displays and trends the taping pitch for each revolution of the cable wrapping head, and give an immediate feedback to the operator and, in some cases, to the machine control itself. Moreover, Visio System is able to collect data from other dimensional measuring instruments (laser gauges, capacitance unit, spark tester, etc.), and it is provided with software for SPC (statistical process control) indexes such as CP, Cpk, standard deviation.

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