Simultaneous drawing of 16 copper or aluminium wires

October 2019 — The “MMH 101.E2” can do both. Niehoff's drawing machine simultaneously processes 16 copper or aluminium wires. Drawing lines type MHM are built on a modular design and can therefore be adapted to the...[read more]

“Spring designer 3D” for “WIM” CNC coiler machines

August 2019 — “Spring Designer 3D” is a new software specially designed by Fortuna Federn for the “WIM” CNC spring lathe coilers. It enables a fast and easy machine setup with tremendous 3D visualisation. Spring Designer 3 D...[read more]

Forming without changing mechanical properties

August 2019 — A new process makes it possible to process round rods based on tungsten with a 63% degree of deformation. The result is lengths up to 720mm instead of the previous maximum of 320mm at a diameter of 10.5mm. The loss of material due to the machining...[read more]

Up to three times higher drawing speed

July 2019 — Against the background of burgeoning trade conflicts and an increasing number of embargoes that further limit the chances of free trade in the world, companies start looking for alternatives for selling their products.  [read more]

A look over the shoulder of Wafios’ developers

July 2019 — In May German Wafios group had held the 12th in-house show. The exhibition traditionally takes place in the years between the “wire Dusseldorf” fairs under the roof of the subsidiary in Wuppertal. Various development projects were...[read more]

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