No more bursts in drawing processes

June 2018 — Drawing non-ferrous metals, tools break out again and again in the micro range, if their base material and the wire material to be processed are not sufficiently matched. Durit has developed a viable way to reduce such outliers. [read more]

Calculating temperature distribution in forming tools

June 2018 — Selecting a suitable tribo-system for a fast running cold forming operation or assessing the tool wear due to the effecting load spectrum are quite sensitive tasks for the optimization of a forming process. [read more]

Handling and bending in a single step

June 2018 — Well established in the handling sector, they are rarely used as an integral part of machine tools. And yet, they can create all kinds of opportunities in the processing of long goods. German Wafios has, for the first time, completely integrated a...[read more]

Profitable innovations for cold and hot forming

April 2018 — Sacma’s guiding theme is the steady innovation to make own customers more competitive in a continuously evolving market. At “wire 2018” fair the Italian group showcases the most important innovations launched by both...[read more]

Servo machine adapts to tasks flexibly

March 2018 — Safety brackets are used to easily and safely anchor child seats in cars. They are manufactured from high-strength steel wire with a diameter of 6mm up to now on a mechanical "GRM 80" stamping and forming machine, and now on a servo...[read more]

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