Highly automated spring end grinding machine

September 2017 — Developed in Germany, built by the Chinese subsidiary company: Wafios’ “G 450” is intended to cover wide customer circles and the most frequent tasks around the grinding of spring ends. A bulky option package serves...[read more]

Bending U-bolts without individual dies

September 2017 — Videx from Israel has introduced a new bending system concept with a slide bending die and an integral stripper mechanism. In the new line of “VAS-DBQ” machines, manufacturers will no longer have to make bending dies for each...[read more]

Multiwire drawing machines for Copper and Aluminium

August 2017 — The “MMH 101” type multiwire drawing machine built by NHM under Niehoff license is designed for the simultaneous drawing of eight copper wires with an inlet tensile strength of 250N/mm² and a maximum inlet diameter of 1.83mm to a...[read more]

Single head bending and coiling machine

August 2017 — "Performance machines" are manufactured at Wafios China based on the long-term German engineering know-How. They are designed for most of the common wire bending applications in the basic configuration. [read more]

Wafios shows in Sao Paulo small program cross-section

August 2017 — Over past decades, the machines in the "FMU" series by Wafios have established themselves firmly in the wire-processing industry, becoming synonymous with maximum universality and optimum performance.  [read more]

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