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Speedy production buffer for 3,000 tons of steel wire coils

May 2019 — Vollert has erected for Saarstahl Neunkirchen a fully automatic high-bay warehouse for up to 665 steel wire coils. The time is 190s per double cycle. The coils weighing up to 4.5 tons are transferred directly from the stacker crane to the lift...[read more]

From small wire machines to complete lines

May 2019 — Lämneå Bruk offers a broad and diversified portfolio ranging from small machines to complete lines of wire machinery. Starting with five machines for high-quality rod preparation, the Swedish company offers a reversed bending descaler in...[read more]

Tension control without compromise

April 2019 — The electromagnetic dancers, “EDR 10” and “EDL 60”, adjust tensile forces from the most precise to the medium tension control range. They operate using a patented force method and are recommended for all winding processes...[read more]

Metalube goes Formaldehyde free

December 2018 — Metalube has taken steps to comply with the reclassification of the chemical Formaldehyde from European Chemicals Agency. The re-classification recommends limiting the use of three types of formaldehyde actives. But the british company will remove...[read more]

Tension control for winding and unwinding sensitive products

November 2018 — Gathering, interpreting and optimising process data is an essential in the cable and wire industry. The demand for continuous monitoring has risen, especially when winding or unwinding sensitive products, such as glass fibres or fine wires. [read more]

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