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Static dancer roll for wire and cable manufacturers

April 2017 — Sjogren Industries has introduced a customizable solution for manufacturers of wire and cable that shall extends machine life and increases productivity. “Static dancer roll” reduces the machines‘ downtime while preventing wire...[read more]

Multiple heads for greater freedom

March 2017 — Wafios’ “BL10” multi-head bending system produces three-dimensional pipes that are up to 6m long, 4mm to 10mm thin and also unstable. The degrees of freedom that can...[read more]

100% inspection and sorting solutions

January 2017 — Over 500 automatic machines are installed worldwide, and a portfolio of 8 models, 8 special controls, sorting rates from 450 to 1,000 parts per minute: Italian Dimac’s inspection accuracy is ±0.01mm up to ±0.005mm.  [read more]

Needs-based wire allocation

August 2016 — Lueling can deliver the drawn wire divided into a minimum weight of roundabout 500 kg per individual lot. If the material of a specific lot has not been completely processed, the coil can simply be put back into storage with no additional work. [read more]

Demand-driven retrofit of dosing machines

August 2016 — The lifetime of automatic sorting machines in a forge shop varies strongly depending on such central factors as the material of the blanks to be handled, the filling degree of the dosing machine or simply the general state of maintenance. Cyrus also...[read more]

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