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DRAHT and WIRE are the leading magazines serving the spring, wire and cable industry. They promote the exchange of information and forge contacts between outfitters and suppliers, service companies, buyers and research. The main industries we cater for include mechanical and plant engineering, automotive construction, the manufacturers of technical wire-based springs as well as the shipbuilding, aviation and electrical industries. DRAHT and WIRE are members of the International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA). DRAHT is also a member of the VDKM, the German wire and cable machinery manufacturers association, and the VDFI, the German spring manufacturers association and is the mouthpiece of the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP). WIRE is the reporting organ of the International Cold Forging Group (ICFG).


DRAHT and WIRE are journalistic specialist magazines appearing in German and English respectively. They are published not only in a printed edition but also on the internet www.draht-magazin.de and www.wire-magazine.de. WIRE appears as an E-paper and is complemented by the e-mail-newsletter. Compact and highly readable original contributions from the industry and the world of science shed light on state-of-the-art trends, techniques and technologies in the spring, wire and cable industry. News items from the specialist associations on developments in the sector and within companies are clearly structured. Reports on products needed in the production of wire and cable and on the industry itself are clearly set out and quickly accessible. DRAHT and WIRE are filled with compact and concise information which is much denser than that found in comparable publications. Our commitment is to providing maximum benefit for our readers. More extensive research findings are channelled as Whitepaper into our website www.umformtechnik.net.


In 2020 DRAHT will be published with six printed issues and e-mail newsletters.


DRAHT print run: 6650 copies each

The DRAHT-Newsletter will be sent by email to 4,300 recipients.


In 2020 WIRE will be published
– with four printed issues alongside the leading international industry fairs,
   in 20209 these will be
      the “wire“ in Dusseldorf/Germany  Preview AND Fair issue
      the “wire China” in Shnaghai /PR of China and
      the “wire India” in Mumbai/India
– these four printed issues will also be published as ePapers (pdf format) at www.wire-magazine.de
   and distributed by email to our readers
– with newsletter sent by email to 3,800 recipients
– as a web publication on www.wire-magazine.de.
   Here you'll continually find the latest news from the wire and cable industry in English.

WIRE print run: 4000 copies each

The WIRE-Newsletter will be sent by email to 3,800 recipients.




Publication frequency
Four per year (print), complemented by newsletters
Print run
4,000 / newsletter is sent to a further 3,800 subscribers
of which are abroad
2,513 / E-Paper pdf-file is sent to a further 3,800 subscribers
Format 1/1 page
184 x 260 mm
Rate 1/1 S. 4c
4,090.00 €
Smallest ad format
1/16 page 90 x 27 mm
Current issue
2/2020 March

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Partner Links
  • IWMA – International Wire & Machinery Association
  • ICFG – International Cold Forging Group
  • ESF – European Spring Federation