Coppering of wires for tires and welding

August 2018 — Copper in solution reacts with the base metal by oxidation-reduction, creating on the material a copper deposit. For this, “Cuprocond 67 L” was developed – a product with addition of corrosion inhibitors which slow down the...[read more]

The only fully automatic batch annealing plant in the world

August 2018 — Tenova LOI Thermprocess has installed a fully automatic batch annealer. It's the worldwide only plant with automated stacking of coils and intermediate convectors, an automatic coupling of all media and fully automatic operation of protective...[read more]

Rosendahl’s line control system

September 2018 — Get a complete overview of plant processes in real time with Rosendahl’s “Integrated Operation System”. [read more]

Niehoff presents latest trends in multiwire drawing

September 2018 — German firm Niehoff and its Chinese affiliate will display at “wire China” 2018 an “MMH 101+RM 161” multiwire drawing line, a high speed double twist bunching machine “D 631.5”, and an “NPS SV 400...[read more]

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