Tough, tactical, innovative

May 2017 — It’s quite an achievement. 125 years of high standing in the market, while constantly setting technical standards, mostly expanding, internationally involved, and at the same time still producing at home: extrusion and cable systems specialist...[read more]

Multiwire concentric stranding line

May 2017 — Pourtier is a master buy with its heavy-duty stranders, cablers and armouring lines for ferrous and non-ferrous cables and has made impressive achievement in the field of submarine and umbilical cables offering a...[read more]

Complex harnesses for military rotorcrafts

May 2017 — US-American W.L. Gore+Associates, Inc. have announced that its “Gore-Flight Microwave” assemblies and “Gore Microwave/RF” assemblies for military aerospace applications have successfully passed stringent U.S. Army flight...[read more]

Temperature measurement during the rod heat treatment

May 2017 — The more precise process temperatures can be controlled in production, the more valuable the result. Required for this is suitable measuring technology. Ideally, pyrometers are suitable which measure the temperature from the radiated heat according...[read more]

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