Entering into bigger stranding dimensions

April 2019 — Niehoff and its subsidiary Niehoff Endex North America will be exhibiting at Interwire an “MSM 83” rod breakdown machine and a “D 1252” type double-twist stranding machine. In addition, the offerings of the After...[read more]

Sjogren to showcase its product line at “Interwire”

May 2019 — A manufacturing innovator since 1927, US-American Sjogren Industries provides quality machinery, tooling, and accessories for the wire and cable industry. The company introduces enhancements in wire straightening assemblies and components that...[read more]

Rubber and silicone extruders on the path to 4.0

May 2019 — American Kuhne’s “Ultra R/S” extruders for rubber and silicone provide measurable improvements in process performance, serviceability, and longevity. The “Power Hinge” roller feed assembly opens with the...[read more]

Dimensional measurement and inspection systems

May 2019 — Swiss Zumbach AG will present at “Interwire” its portfolio of dimensional measurement and inspection systems for wire drawing, wire insulating and cable jacketing processes. Different technologies are uses such as laser scanning, X-ray,...[read more]

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