Improved cable measurement systems increase yield

April 2018 — Robust and precise cable measurement is a key to improve the yield in production and to assure a high level of quality for the customer. iVISION® improved its systems for todays demands. Cable diameters of up to 160mm are a unique feature...[read more]

Machine for specialised OPGW cables

April 2018 — 2017 proved to be a successful year for BWE. As well as a “Conform” machine for refrigeration tube and a “Conklad” machine for specialised OPGW cables, BWE secured three further contracts for their “Sheath...[read more]

New two-in-one crosshead solution by Rosendahl

April 2018 — Rosendahl’s new double use crosshead “RX12” for XLPE up to LSOH by covering many typical thermoplast materials as well as high-filled halogen free materials. [read more]

New flame retardant TPUs from Huntsman

April 2018 — Delivering a major breakthrough in the physical and mechanical performance of flame retardant (FR) cabling materials, Huntsman has developed “Irogran” FR TPU – a unique family of halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) cable...[read more]

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