Komax extends service and promises 20% higher productivity

November 2018 — Cable processor Komax is expanding its service. Every of the 17 offers is supposed to improve the performance of the company’s products and thus the productivity of its customers. The offer is available for all brands and products of the...[read more]

Tool calculates scenarios for wire harness production

December 2018 — The “4 Wire CAO” payback calculator from DIIT makes it easy for suppliers of wire harnesses to run through scenarios aimed at the optimisation of their production. This web tool can quickly determine the point at which it...[read more]

Well performed straightening and cutting of wire

January 2019 — Already in the basic version, the performance series “RE” copes with the majority of straightening and cutting tasks on wires. For further requirements there is an optional package. The control surface is based on...[read more]

Power pack for the production of stabilisers

December 2018 — The CNC-controlled “RBV 60 HD” bends high-strength tube and solid material into stabilisers for car passenger cells. The maximum diameter is 43mm; the recommended length is 3,500mm. The maximum bending moment is 25kNm and the follow-up...[read more]

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