High-speed grating

January 2020 — Clifford’s grating welders have the ability to weld a variety of crosswire diameters and line bar thicknesses. Welding capabilities range from light grating to heavy serrated bridge grating, with a proven track record of reliability,...[read more]

Weld speeds of 220 crosswires per minute

November 2019 — Clifford’s new fully automatic fine mesh/fencing mesh welding range requires a single operator and boasts, dual crosswire inserters, dual linear pullout and a fully automatic coiler for mesh rolls with fixed pitches and welding speeds...[read more]

One machine, many cage geometries

May 2019 — German MBK’s well-proven “VSM-V” type cage welding machines for square cage reinforcements ensure stable production processes. Now, the new type “VSM-057-S” realises different geometries. That is made possible by...[read more]

Wire butt welding devices for diameters from 0.3mm to 16mm

May 2019 — Wire butt welders from Schlatter have stood for quality and reliability for 30 years. The “E10” and “M10” models have been added to the proven “S”, "E” and “M” models. In...[read more]

PWM to present “ST40” cold welder for strip

May 2019 — The cold welder is designed specifically for strip. It’ll be on show at “Interwire”, as well as a range of portable and manual cold welders. They will be exhibited by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor of PWM cold welding...[read more]

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