Controlling wire tension on rotating process machinery

November 2017 — Retrofits and upgrades of aged stranding or similar machinery are the only feasible alternative to purchasing new machines. Parallel to these improvements manufacturers look for ways to increase their process safety and the quality of end products. [read more]

Buttwelding machines for the wire and cable industry

August 2017 — August Strecker offers butt welding machines for all kinds of wires starting at 0.04mm diameter up to 60mm maximal for solid steel and up to 56mm diameter for solid non-ferrous wires, including welders with automatic deburring cycle. [read more]

Welder for band saws and steel strips

July 2017 — Ideal-Werk’s “BAS 300” comes with a revised structure. This allows a more flexible and faster product change over and reduces the maintenance time. The way measuring system is controlled and accessed via built-in touch panel and...[read more]

Portable tools for cutting, straightening or bending

June 2017 — Tramev's  shears line provides a full range of portable tools for cutting, straightening or bending of metal wire. [read more]

Stand-alone butt-welder for wire up to 16mm diameter

May 2017 — US-American Automated Industrial Machinery has released a new stand-alone product for wire welding. The precision butt welder “BW series” consists of machines from 40 to 150 KVA for up to 16mm diameter with AC or mid frequency inverter...[read more]

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