Buttwelding machines for the wire and cable industry

August 2017 — August Strecker offers butt welding machines for all kinds of wires starting at 0.04mm diameter up to 60mm maximal for solid steel and up to 56mm diameter for solid non-ferrous wires, including welders with automatic deburring cycle. [read more]

Welder for band saws and steel strips

July 2017 — Ideal-Werk’s “BAS 300” comes with a revised structure. This allows a more flexible and faster product change over and reduces the maintenance time. The way measuring system is controlled and accessed via built-in touch panel and...[read more]

Portable tools for cutting, straightening or bending

June 2017 — Tramev's  shears line provides a full range of portable tools for cutting, straightening or bending of metal wire. [read more]

Stand-alone butt-welder for wire up to 16mm diameter

May 2017 — US-American Automated Industrial Machinery has released a new stand-alone product for wire welding. The precision butt welder “BW series” consists of machines from 40 to 150 KVA for up to 16mm diameter with AC or mid frequency inverter...[read more]

Customised line configurations for silicone extrusion

March 2017 — If you're a silicone cable manufacturer and need a supplier that understands your requirements: Rosendahl is a supplier that understands the silicone product, which is very demanding in its material performance, material properties and its...[read more]

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