Stand-alone butt-welder for wire up to 16mm diameter

May 2017 — US-American Automated Industrial Machinery has released a new stand-alone product for wire welding. The precision butt welder “BW series” consists of machines from 40 to 150 KVA for up to 16mm diameter with AC or mid frequency inverter...[read more]

Customised line configurations for silicone extrusion

March 2017 — If you're a silicone cable manufacturer and need a supplier that understands your requirements: Rosendahl is a supplier that understands the silicone product, which is very demanding in its material performance, material properties and its...[read more]

Mesh production of the future

February 2017 — Have you ever wondered how the production of reinforcing mesh might look like in the future? Swiss Schlatter is moving the fabrication here to a new level. And this can only be done by using optimised high efficiency mesh welding...[read more]

How to control wire tension on rotating process machines

February 2017 — Whether wire processes include operations like stranding (bow, tubular, planetary cage …) or twisting (twinners etc.), the ability to monitor and control the tension of each strand during the process will have a positive impact on the end...[read more]

Portable cold welder for wire, strip and profile

February 2017 — PWM at "Interwire" will showcase the new portable cold welder "CP180". This machine and others will be featured by Joe Snee Associates, distributor of PWM cold welding equipment, spares and dies in the US and Canada. [read more]

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