Welding machine eliminates all line wire de-coiling stations

May 2018 — The “AKK” welding line has set a new mark in mesh production. Its design eliminates all idle times and at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines. All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding...[read more]

Zero colour oxide free welds for manual welders

March 2018 — Corrosion resistant materials need to be shielded with an inert gas while welding takes place, in order to protect themfrom combining with oxygen and nitrogen from the surrounding air. Otherwise welds will oxidise and can form defects that may cause...[read more]

Welding system for mesh widths up to 2,700mm

March 2018 — “MG950” is an industrial mesh welding system that manufacturers of wire products have been using successfully for years. Wherever great flexibility, speed and premium quality right are required from the first mesh, the MG950 will be the...[read more]

Concepts on “Industry 4.0”

March 2018 — Niehoff manufactures machinery for the wire and cable industry. At “wire” the company will exhibit a multiwire drawing line “MMH 121+RM 161”, a “D 632” double twist bunching system, an NPS double spooler...[read more]

Spiralling machines for heating cables

March 2018 — The manufacture of heating cables is an increasingly common application for spiraling machines. These types of cable are versatile with numerous applications including frost protection, and ice and snow melting. [read more]

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