More than only to support the human colleague ...

August 2019 — You can definitely rely on robots. The sales figures year by year increase, and the versatility and application range, too. Soon enough, robots will use artificial intelligence to catapult industrial production into spheres that were previously...[read more]

Infrastructure boom drives growth opportunities

May 2019 — A rising population and an infrastructure boom drive growth opportunities and stokes the demand for anti-corrosion coatings in the regions of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, finds Frost+Sullivan’s visionary science team. [read more]

Komax extends service and promises 20% higher productivity

November 2018 — Cable processor Komax is expanding its service. Every of the 17 offers is supposed to improve the performance of the company’s products and thus the productivity of its customers. The offer is available for all brands and products of the...[read more]

Updated solutions to recycling needs

June 2018 — Guidetti is specialised in recycling for the wire and cable industry. The Italian company develops and manufactures machines that recover up to 100% pure copper and aluminium from cable scrap or plastic residues from extruders. [read more]

Handling and bending in a single step

June 2018 — Well established in the handling sector, they are rarely used as an integral part of machine tools. And yet, they can create all kinds of opportunities in the processing of long goods. German Wafios has, for the first time, completely integrated a...[read more]

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