Cable, wire-processing and the “wire” fair 2018

August 2017 — The term “information society” has been spreading at an increasing speed. It includes the idea of a society based on communication technology. The last 25 years have seen unprecedented developments in many areas of our lives. The wire and...[read more]

PVC-free cable an alternative?

August 2016 — The image is disputed, but plasticisers help to process PVC more easily. The material's sales took off when it started to be used for water-resistant coatings. During World War II it became the standard insulation for wiring. Since then,...[read more]

Labeling wire and cable with 60km/h

August 2016 — Leibinger presents a revolution for an easier identification of wire and cable. Their continuous inkjet printer allows cables to be marked immediately after extrusion at up to 1,000m/min. The inkjet coder achieves never-before-seen speeds when...[read more]

Filtration of high viscosity lubricants

August 2016 — Filtration systems are built to keep the operating fluid as clean as possible, i.e., they have to remove the particles loosened during the drawing operation. Pure filtration of coolants and lubricants will give the effect of higher productivity due...[read more]

Wire products in railway technology

May 2016 — At first glance the most obvious wire products we would expect to find are the compression springs in the carriage bogies and, in the case of electrified lines, the overhead catenaries or power lines. But at second sight there is much more than...[read more]

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