Updated solutions to recycling needs

June 2018 — Guidetti is specialised in recycling for the wire and cable industry. The Italian company develops and manufactures machines that recover up to 100% pure copper and aluminium from cable scrap or plastic residues from extruders. [read more]

Handling and bending in a single step

June 2018 — Well established in the handling sector, they are rarely used as an integral part of machine tools. And yet, they can create all kinds of opportunities in the processing of long goods. German Wafios has, for the first time, completely integrated a...[read more]

E-cars, charging networks and the wire sector’s chance

March 2018 — For 2025 German car producers’ association VDA expects 15% to 25% of new passenger car registrations will have electric drives. The automobile industry will invest 40 billion euros in development and will offer over 100 electic driven...[read more]

Rolling ring drives in drip irrigation systems

February 2018 — Uhing’s rolling ring drive has been proving its application versatility for decades. New applications are constantly emerging. The linear drive now was found to be extremely useful in agriculture: in devices that lay out and retrieve tubes...[read more]

Waste minimization in steel pickling processes

January 2018 — Oxides generated during the hot rolling of steel have to be removed. Following article summarizes various methods for the regenerations of different pickling solutions according to the state of the art towards the use of waste minimization and...[read more]

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