Measuring and Testing

Measuring solutions for fibre optic manufacturing processes

January 2019 — Fibre optic cables make very particular demands on the in-line measuring technique. This is due to the extremely small dimensions of the fibre itself, with tolerances in the sub-micron range when drawing and coating.  [read more]

Spark testing solutions for tomorrow

November 2018 — Swiss measuring technology company Zumbach introduces a new generation of main and low frequency AC spark testers to complete their family of fully integrated solutions. The devices are designed for a wide range of standards, inclusively...[read more]

Choosing optimal measuring devices for extrusion lines

October 2018 — When deciding about investing in a measuring device, one of the main factors usually is which device is the “best”. Characteristics where “more” or “less” is considered as “better” are seemingly easy to...[read more]

Colour-recognition sensor system for insulation lines

October 2018 — Rosendahl’s new colour-recognition sensor system for insulation lines “DVS SK 400-C” is easily to operate and guarantees stable production results. Colour complaints and faulty productions are now a thing of the past. [read more]

Measuring, sorting and analysis technologies

October 2018 — With the newly launched “X-Ray 8000 Advanced” Sikora introduces state-of-the-art high speed technology (HST) that is tailored to the demands of MV, HV and EHV cable production. It represents an advanced alternative to...[read more]

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