Measuring and Testing

Over 160,000 tension meters in operation worldwide

May 2018 — Hans Schmidt+Co develop and produce tension measuring technology. The 160,000-fold sold program includes handheld and online equipment, both mechanical and electronic. A novelty is the hand-held tension meter series “DT” with a...[read more]

Faster measurement and efficient control in CV lines

May 2018 — With the “X-Ray 8000 Advanced”, German Sikora introduces a system with state-of-the-art high speed technology that is tailored to the requirements of Industry 4.0. It represents an advanced alternative to the established “X-Ray 8000...[read more]

Quality management ready for Industry 4.0 with OPC UA

March 2018 — Zumbach Electronic AG equips their instruments with the recognised OPC UA standard. With this key technology, measurement solutions provide easy, scalable and secure information exchange with different systems in the production line. [read more]

Optimum illumination for a better wire quality

March 2018 — The camera-based inspection of wire surfaces is a demanding task - especially if surface defects are to be detected during production. The right illumination design is decisive. Only an optimally designed illumination for the respective measuring...[read more]

Specialized in eddy current testing

February 2018 — Non Destructive Testing procedures have often the privilege to be at the end of the production lines so they can get a lot of information that properly distributed can offer new levels of knowledge that will be key for processes and products...[read more]

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