Measuring and Testing

Choosing optimal measuring devices for extrusion lines

October 2018 — When deciding about investing in a measuring device, one of the main factors usually is which device is the “best”. Characteristics where “more” or “less” is considered as “better” are seemingly easy to...[read more]

Colour-recognition sensor system for insulation lines

October 2018 — Rosendahl’s new colour-recognition sensor system for insulation lines “DVS SK 400-C” is easily to operate and guarantees stable production results. Colour complaints and faulty productions are now a thing of the past. [read more]

Measuring, sorting and analysis technologies

October 2018 — With the newly launched “X-Ray 8000 Advanced” Sikora introduces state-of-the-art high speed technology (HST) that is tailored to the demands of MV, HV and EHV cable production. It represents an advanced alternative to...[read more]

Equipment for special cable production as you need it

September 2018 — WTM designs, develops and manufactures machines for producing special cables. The program includes cable taping, spinning and screening machines, single-twist stranders, and rewinding lines inclusively thermic treatments. [read more]

Systems for measuring, control, sorting and analysis

September 2018 — Sikora is one of the drivers in quality management. With high frequency the company develops measuring, control, inspection, sorting and analysis systems, and technological innovations for quality control and process optimisation for the wire...[read more]

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