Measuring and Testing

New drawing die measuring instrument

December 2017 — A new method measures drawing die profiles fast and with high repeatability. “DIAM 6” scales die diameter, bearing length and reduction angle of drawing dies within a few seconds. The repeatability of bearing length is better than 1%...[read more]

Non-contact measuring, control, analysis and sorting devices

August 2017 — At “wire Southeast Asia” Sikora is presenting a full program of non-contact measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting devices for quality assurance and cost reduction in the wire, cable, optical fibre and...[read more]

Axial tension proof testing system

June 2017 — For specialty fibres Rosendahl Nextrom has developed “OFC 35SF” with extended tension ranges for tensile testing and large diameter proof testing using integrated bending wheels to test fibre strength in...[read more]

Temperature measurement during the rod heat treatment

May 2017 — The more precise process temperatures can be controlled in production, the more valuable the result. Required for this is suitable measuring technology. Ideally, pyrometers are suitable which measure the temperature from the radiated heat according...[read more]

How to produce wire and cable more profitably

May 2017 — "CIQ 3.0" has been developed with and for cable manufacturers. The system connects all production-critical measuring and testing devices. Process data are stored centrally. The participating entities have access in real-time. That pays off....[read more]

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