Surface and Heat Treatment

Waste minimization in steel pickling processes

January 2018 — Oxides generated during the hot rolling of steel have to be removed. Following article summarizes various methods for the regenerations of different pickling solutions according to the state of the art towards the use of waste minimization and...[read more]

Swiss army knife of blasting

January 2018 — The Wheelabrator Centre for Product Innovation in Zurich has expanded capabilities by designing and delivering a highly flexible new blast machine for its own advanced customer testing. The machine replaces existing Wheelabrator equipment. [read more]

Dry lubricants, emulsions and coating agents

January 2018 — Traxit International offers a complete range of dry lubricants, emulsions and coating agents for all applications. The German enterprise is one of the largest leading manufacturers of wire drawing lubricants around the world. Production sites are...[read more]

Soluble oils for wet drawing

December 2017 — French Condat SA will present their new range of soluble oils that have been reformulated to meet the latest wet drawing requirements.  [read more]

Annealing flat stainless steel wires and profiles

September 2017 — The plasma annealer “HPA30” replaces a traditional tube furnace for production of flat ferritic and austenitic product with widths up to 30mm. The output capacity is 100kg per hour. Austrian Plasmait’s solution will allow an...[read more]

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