Surface and Heat Treatment

Degreasing and stress relieving of stranded wire

March 2017 — Rope and strand making often requires the individual wires to be properly lubricated before stranding. During stranding the individual wires also work-harden, which makes the strand to lose its straightness and individual wires to...[read more]

Lubricants for aluminium wire drawing

March 2017 — Condat will focus on its Aluminum wire drawing lubricants range. The use of this material in the electrical industry is increasing due to its cost efficiency compared to Copper. In addition, the metal offers interesting benefits such as good...[read more]

New findings in shaving and hot-drawing technology

March 2017 — German Kieselstein International - producer of wire drawing and wire shaving machines - participates at the Interwire show as a co-exhibitor of their US-Agent Wire Machine Systems. Due to its R+D activities, the enterprise is leading in shaving...[read more]

Rigorous cleaning of wire, cable and rod

February 2017 — Intense ultrasonic cavitation removes manufacturing and auxiliary materials residues such as lubricants, soaps and dust. Hielscher’s customised systems fulfil the special requirements according to cleanliness, process speed and space. [read more]

Double laser scanning boosts peeling accuracy

February 2017 — EJP’s control system adjusts the peeling head of lines type “PSP” on the basis of the dimensions of the finished, straightened and polished rod. So it’s possible to control the process to ensure that the specified...[read more]

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