Surface and Heat Treatment


Tenova Loi annealing plant for Hangzhou XZB Tech

November 2018 — Tenova Loi Thermprocess, Essen/Germany, and its Chinese subsidiary Tenova Loi Thermprocess Co. Ltd. have received a joint order from a leading Chinese manufacturer of cold-formed components for the automotive industry. [read more]

New lubricant solutions for optimum performance

October 2018 — As the wire and cable sector strives to increase efficiency and reduce costs with ever evolving high performance machines, lubricant selection is essential if machine efficiency and compliance with environmental regulations is to be both achieved and...[read more]

New lubes for Asia’s wire processing industry

September 2018 — At the Shanghai fair, French company Condat will share its long term expertise on wire drawing lubrication. Beside products like non-reactive and reactive coatings, dry powder lubricants, oils, pastes, greases, protection and degreasing products, the...[read more]

Coppering of wires for tires and welding

August 2018 — Copper in solution reacts with the base metal by oxidation-reduction, creating on the material a copper deposit. For this, “Cuprocond 67 L” was developed – a product with addition of corrosion inhibitors which slow down the...[read more]

New solutions for optimum performance

August 2018 — Lubricants specialist Metalube will be providing information on the complete range of nonferrous wire drawing lubricants at “wire China”. The company showcases latest innovations in lubrication technology, designed specifically to deliver...[read more]

Cleaning and plating plants

May 2018 — “Copperjet” is a coating plant for welding wires, copper coating the wire at speeds up to 30m/s with high cleaning and coating quality. The combination of the company's know-how in chemical processes and advanced equipment shall...[read more]

Electrostatic powder coating machines for cable and wire

March 2018 — “RSC” is the 4th generation of powder coating machines Rolf Schlicht GmbH has developed. It represents the latest technology for an even, finely dosable and absolutely dust-free powdering of cables and wires with powders like talc,...[read more]

No return to the emulsion

February 2018 — In the 1980s, coarsely dispersed emulsions were produced using animal and vegetable based esters. As a result of the increasing demand for superfine wire the demands on emulsion technology also increased.  [read more]

Wire pre-treatment and finishing systems

February 2018 — Staku consistently relies on the trump card of innovation in the field of wire pre-treatment and finishing systems.  [read more]

Waste minimization in steel pickling processes

January 2018 — Oxides generated during the hot rolling of steel have to be removed. Following article summarizes various methods for the regenerations of different pickling solutions according to the state of the art towards the use of waste minimization and...[read more]

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