No return to the emulsion

February 2018 — In the 1980s, coarsely dispersed emulsions were produced using animal and vegetable based esters. As a result of the increasing demand for superfine wire the demands on emulsion technology also increased. 

Based on synthetic esters and stable emulsifier systems, emulsions were developed that met the required performance level of modern multi-wire drawing technology. At the same time, Bechem had already developed fully synthetic water-soluble drawing media for fine and superfine drawing processes. For decades, these products have been used in single- and multi-wire drawing machines for drawing copper wires thinner than 100μm, whereby the fully synthetic solutions, commonly referred to as drawing solutions, could so far not prevail in fine and medium drawing processes with larger wire diameters. After continuous development of the fully synthetic drawing media, the specialty lubricant manufacturer has made a new generation of this product group market-ready. This commercially viable product is being very successfully used in fine and medium drawing with a final wire diameter of greater than 100μm. 
The new drawing solutions are gradually replacing the previously used emulsions. "Drawing solutions don't contain any mineral oils or hydrophobic ingredients that need to be emulsified," says Reiner Pech, Bechem Application Engineer: "The heterogeneous, metastable systems of an emulsion are eliminated, as are the problems that are normally associated with emulsions." Another advantage is the lower wear on the draw plate compared to the utilized emulsions, an improvement which leads to a significant reduction in production costs. Further advantages of the drawing solutions are the cleanliness of the drawing machines, the easy care, as well as the good bio- and PH-stability. Bechem drawing solutions also do not absorb any foreign oil.

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