Tender Sale: Wire Rod Rolling Mill

November 2018 — Troostwijk Auctions organizes a tender sale of a wire rod rolling mill and wire processing related machinery and equipment, tools and spare parts due to the closure of the Wire Rod Mill formerly operated by FN Steel also known as Ovako Dalsbruk/Finland. The tender sale closes Thursday 6 December.

The tender sale includes continuous billet welding equipment by Siemens, horizontal/vertical mill stands by Danieli/Morgårdshammer, coil handling and compacting system by Sund Birsta, 10-stand non twist high speed finishing blocks by Ashlow, complete contiloop section by Morgårdshammer, 2 hot billet start/stop shears by Siemens and Ashlow, coil shear and reform tub by Ashlow Kvaerner and more machines for the wire industry.

For more information about the tender sale, the process of a tender sale, viewing of the machines at the site in Dalsbruk/Finland or any other question please visit our website or contact our office in Sweden:

Tel.: + 46 70 988 6584

We hope to see you soon at our tender sale or on our website

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