“wire” 2020 with special areas for springs and fasteners

October 2018 — “wire” trade fair 2020 in Dusseldorf/Germany will feature for the first time fasteners and springs and forming parts in independent exhibition areas. Start of registration for potential exhibitors is by end of January, 2019.

Dusseldorf/Germany (Exhibition corporation) – For quite some time now the organisers of the global trade fair for wire and cable have observed developments on national and international markets and interviewed exhibitors and potential customers always with a view to being close to the market and able to respond to current needs. With these two new exhibition areas fasteners and springs, Messe Dusseldorf responds to market needs while closing the gap between machinery, plant, raw materials and finished products at the same time. 

“The finished products fasteners and springs are especially ideal complements for the machinery, equipment and raw materials we have presented at wire Dusseldorf so far. This extension of ranges guarantees wire an additional pillar with growth potential from 2020,” says Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, global portfolio director metals and flow technologies.

20 billion US Dollar market volume for fasteners

Fasteners and springs are required virtually everywhere because every technical system needs them to work, one way or the other. The automotive industry – also a driver of innovation in this field – plays a leading role here. Today’s passenger cars, for example, contain more than 1,000 screw connections – 300 of them in the combustion engine – and some 1,000 springs. 

The market volume for fasteners earmarked for the automotive industry alone is thought to have amounted to some US Dollar 20 billion in 2017 and it is expected to reach almost US Dollar 21.5 billion in 2018 and rise to over US 25 billion by 2025 with an average compound annual growth rate of 2.4%. According to the “Deutscher Schraubenverband” (German Screw Federation) 796,000t of fasteners worth Euro 3.3 billion were produced in Germany in 2017, one of the leading producing and exporting countries for screws and fasteners. Of these 794,000t (Euro 4.5 billion) went to exports. The same year the country imported 895,000t of fasteners. The German screw-making industry comprises some 50 manufacturers with a total of 8,000 employees.  

Apart from the automotive industry and its OEMs the principal buyers of fasteners are producers of household appliances, electrical equipment and furniture, the construction industry as well as machinery, apparatus and steel engineering; these are also new target groups with different demands. Industrial springs including coil springs, torsion springs, disc springs and helical springs used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the electrical industry, building technology, optics, office equipment, toys and in the fittings industry will also be on show at wire 2020 exhibition halls for the first time.  

Spring consumption by 2025 at US Dollar 32 billion

In 2016 the global spring market volume is thought to have totalled slightly over US Dollar 20 billion and is expected to rise to over US Dollar 32 billion between 2017 and 2025 with an average annual growth rate of 5.1%. In Germany the German Spring Federation VDFI (Verband der Deutschen Federnindustrie) reports that the output of industrial springs in 2017 amounted to some 440,000t with a value of Euro 2.3 billion. 355,500t of these were exported. The German spring industry encompasses some 180 spring factories employing to the tune of 12,500 staff and enjoys world market leadership.  

As big and international as ever, 1,442 exhibitors from 51 countries on some 65,000m² of net exhibition space and over 42,000 trade visitors wire 2018 broke all the records attained in its over 30 years of success history at Dusseldorf Fairgrounds. In April 2018 the key players of the wire and cable industries were on site presenting their machinery, equipment, raw materials, technologies and services to a global audience. Two thirds of the exhibiting companies came from abroad, and in terms of visitors wire Dusseldorf also counts as one of the most international events in the growing trade fair portfolio metals and flow technologies.


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