European cables market expected to grow

August 2017 — In a newly published report by the plastics market experts, AMI Consulting, the value of the market for polymeric materials used for cable production is estimated at Euro 2.3 billion for 2016.

Bristol/Great Britain (AMI) – In this report AMI Consulting calculates that European demand in this niche polymeric material market grew by 1.7% per year between 2012 and 2016. While materials usage has risen, it is still at pre-recession levels. The future for cables in Europe however looks bright as the market is expected to grow faster in the future at an average of 3.3% per year until 2021. This growth is driven by increased construction activity for residential settlements, infrastructure investment, Europe’s focus on growing its sources of renewable energy and a growing appetite for increased internet speeds and bigger bandwidths. Growth is predicted to accelerate after 2017. The 2008 recession has resulted in consolidation activity in this industry. However, the variation between regions in infrastructure, economic paths, and value creation has meant that the top five cable-manufacturing countries have changed over the reporting period. This has brought changes to the regional distribution of polymeric materials consumption. 

Material selection is also changing. Some of this is because cable manufacturers are focusing on value added production to increase profitability in a very competitive industry. Changes in material selection are also being affected by a growing interest in the industry on reaction to fire properties of cables. This new focus is due to incoming construction products regulation. 

Weak profitability in the previous reporting period, slower economic growth in mature European countries, opportunities in specific Eastern European countries, and changing market dynamics have driven ongoing restructuring and reorganisation among the leading players to optimise production and reduce costs. This has helped to improve industry profitability over the last four years.



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