Next “wire/Tube China” September 2020 in Shanghai

November 2018 — Next “wire/Tube China” will take place 2020, 23 to 26 September in Shanghai/PR China. Co-located with the trade fair is “Fastener Shanghai” exhibition in hall E4, to connect upstream and downstream enterprises from related industries.

Dusseldorf/Germany (exhibition corporation) – Relying on the strong industry appeal, the four-day exhibition closed with 6.9% more visitors over the previous edition. This year, besides a large number of domestic visitors, there were many more overseas buyers interested in the Chinese market. According to the post-show visitor statistics, the top ten overseas visitors were from: India, South Korea, China Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China Hong Kong, Indonesia. In addition, the participation of nearly 100 local and overseas visitor delegations was another highlight of the fair: Companies and social groups from 10 countries and regions including China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China Taiwan, India, and Thailand visited the exhibition, which increased nearly twice compared to the previous year. wire/Tube China not only has a great influence in China, but also acts as an important platform for companies from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and even North America to purchase products, learn technology and develop contacts.

In order to seize the favourable opportunities brought by the “The Belt and Road” initiative and the “Made in China 2025” strategy, 1,653 brands from 31 countries and regions chose to participate in wire+Tube China this year, which increase a little comparing to the previous edition. Among them, many brands have become old friends of the exhibition, and some companies have participated consecutively for eight editions. At the same time, some companies from Germany, North America, Italy, Austria, France, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan have gathered together in their respective pavilions, and along with other independent international brands, have enhanced the global image of the exhibition. Thus, domestic buyers are able to purchase cutting-edge products and technologies and understand advanced production concepts and solutions without going abroad. wire/Tube China is not only a professional one-stop business platform, but also a good place to release cutting-edge technology, share industry trends, and learn advanced cases. At the exhibition, the organizers cooperated with industry associations and powerful media at home and abroad to launch dozens of professional forums and conferences.

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