Nisshin Steel installs Ebner workbase nr. 55

February 2019 — Japanese Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. is trusting in the annealing furnace technology from Austrian company Ebner for many years. Now the company has increased its total number of “Hicon/H2” workbases to 55 by ordering another system.

Leonding/Austria (Ebner) – The new facility will include four heating bells, six “Hicon/H2” workbases and two cooling bells and will modernise the production of cold-rolled steel strip coils. As in the past, all required supplementary equipment such as the hydraulic system, pressure control system, water recooling system, emergency nitrogen supply connections and the complete electrical system will be supplied by Ebner. To operate the facility, it will be integrated into the existing Process Control System. The facility will be ready to start production in 2020.

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