Primetals supplies billet caster and rolling line for Naveena

May 2019 — Primetals will supply a billet caster and bar rolling line for mini mill project of Naveena Steel. It will enable the Pakistani company to enter a growing market for regional infrastructure projects. Capacity is 270,000 metric tons of rebars per year. The diameters from 8mm to 40mm will be rolled in multi-slit mode.

London/Great Britain (Primetals) – Primetals Technologies has received an order from Naveena Steel Mills Limited (Naveena) to supply a continuous billet casting machine and a bar rolling mill for a mini mill in Karachi/Pakistan. The billet caster will be supplied by Concast Ltd., an Indian Primetals company. The mill will enable Naveena Steel to enter the growing market for regional infrastructure projects. The mini mill  will produce around 270,000 metric tons of reinforcing steel (rebars) per annum with diameters ranging from 8mm to 40mm. Diameters up to 12mm will be rolled in multi-slit mode to improve productivity. As a special feature of the new plant, billets will be directly charged in hot condition to the rolling mill, which will provide significant energy savings. An inline induction furnace placed before the first rolling stand will serve to equalize the billet temperature, providing the seamless integration of the caster and rolling processes.

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