Wafios takes over E.W. Menn

August 2015 — Wuppertal/Germany (Wafios) – The German Machine construction company Wafios Umformtechnik GmbH in Wuppertal has taken over with immediate effect E.W. Menn GmbH+Co. KG, located in Hilchenbach, a German company which also manufactures machines for the fastener industry. Through this merger, Wafios Umformtechnik becomes one of the most capable suppliers of machines to the cold forming industry. Sven Nieper – spokesman for the Wafios Umformtechnik company management– says: “We are pleased about this merger as E.W. Menn ideally complements our product range. With the know-how, the expertise and the technical solutions of E.W. Menn we will become the most comprehensive supplier in the cold forming industry, and will also now assume technical leadership in the field of thread rolling.” E.W. Menn is acknowledged as the leading company technically for thread rolling machines on which screws and other fasteners with threads and similar round profiles are produced. The range of products focused on this specialist area complements the wide equipment portfolio of Wafios Umformtechnik. As a consequence, the enterprise can expand its market position worldwide and now has available, in addition to the renowned machine brands Hilgeland, Nutap, Kieserling and Hilgeland rolling dies, another strong brand from the field of machine construction. Ernst W. Menn will continue to be active as managing director with overall responsibility for E.W. Menn GmbH. He sees many advantages in operating under the roof of the Wafios group: “This is an important and the right step for E.W. Menn for the long-lasting safeguarding of the future. Through this merger, the company’s succession is settled and our manufacturing facility and skilled jobs here at the Hilchenbach location are preserved. At the same time we see excellent opportunities for growth as we can take advantage of the international sales network of the Wafios Group. We are confident that together with Wafios we can expand the great success of our machines to-date in the global markets.” With the steeped-in-tradition brands of Hilgeland, Kieserling, Nutap and MRP, Wafios Umformtechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and tools for the cold and warm forming industries. The focus of the product portfolio is state-of-the-art cold forming machines for the efficient production of high-precision fasteners – for example, screws – from wire in various metals and alloys. The product range is completed by secondary operation machines and durable, high-quality tools and through our comprehensive range of services.

Info: www.wafios-umformtechnik.de

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