Precision adjustment data for roll straightening units

February 2020 — When using a roll-type straightener, the constant quality of the straightened product depends on the positioning of the adjustable rolls.  [read more]

Smart solutions for strong technology

February 2020 — Kieselstein, producer of wire drawing machines from Chemnitz/Germany, will exhibit at “wire” with a heavy single drawing block, which is used for the production of spring steel wire.  [read more]

Double twist stranding machine

February 2020 — Eurodraw Wire Equipment will be present at “wire” with two types of equipment: The first one is a large wire drawing machine that implements the latest technical developments with regards to capstan cooling.  [read more]

The South African Wire Association looks to international markets

February 2020 — South Africa is recognised as a reputable trading partner not only in the sub-Saharan region but globally. South Africa has a competitive, challenging terrain which ensures that quality products are the ones which succeed.  [read more]

Eurobend presents at “wire” the “PL AKK” series

February 2020 — The “PL AKK” sets new standards in mesh production. The Avant-Garde concept eliminates all idle times and increases significantly the productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines.  [read more]

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