Tool calculates scenarios for wire harness production

December 2017 — The “4 Wire CAO” payback calculator from DIIT makes it easy for suppliers of wire harnesses to run through scenarios aimed at the optimisation of their production. This web tool can quickly determine the point at which it...[read more]

Bending U-bolts without individual dies

September 2017 — Videx from Israel has introduced a new bending system concept with a slide bending die and an integral stripper mechanism. In the new line of “VAS-DBQ” machines, manufacturers will no longer have to make bending dies for each...[read more]

Annealing flat stainless steel wires and profiles

September 2017 — The plasma annealer “HPA30” replaces a traditional tube furnace for production of flat ferritic and austenitic product with widths up to 30mm. The output capacity is 100kg per hour. Austrian Plasmait’s solution will allow an...[read more]

Electrostatic powder coating machines for cable and wire

September 2017 — “RSC” is the 4th generation of powder coating machines Rolf Schlicht GmbH has developed. It represents the latest technology for an even, finely dosable and absolutely dust-free powdering of cables and wires with powders like talc,...[read more]

Global analysis for the fence wire drawing machine market

September 2017 — “Worldwide Fence Wire Drawing Machine Market 2017” presents a fundamental study of the industry. The report analyses market growth, consumption volume, trends and fence wire drawing machine industry cost structures during the forecast...[read more]

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