Updated solutions to recycling needs

June 2018 — Guidetti is specialised in recycling for the wire and cable industry. The Italian company develops and manufactures machines that recover up to 100% pure copper and aluminium from cable scrap or plastic residues from extruders. [read more]

Rosendahl’s smart automotive line

June 2018 — For automotive wire production Rosendahl has developed a low-scrap solution for color-changing processes with stripes, skin and layer. Just-in-time and as fast as you need! [read more]

Machines to produce power and control cables

May 2018 — More than 700 drum twisters and 120 rigid stranding and planetary lines, commissioned all over the world, confirm Pourtier as a leding company for machines to produce low and medium voltage up to high and extra-high voltage power cable. [read more]

Welding machine eliminates all line wire de-coiling stations

May 2018 — The “AKK” welding line has set a new mark in mesh production. Its design eliminates all idle times and at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines. All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding...[read more]

Faster measurement and efficient control in CV lines

May 2018 — With the “X-Ray 8000 Advanced”, German Sikora introduces a system with state-of-the-art high speed technology that is tailored to the requirements of Industry 4.0. It represents an advanced alternative to the established “X-Ray 8000...[read more]

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