Software solutions for smart wire and cable factories

November 2018 — India is an important market for Innovites. The Dutch company at the “wire India” trade fair will be showcasing software for wire and cable manufacturers. Innovites’ “Cable Suite” is an industry-specific...[read more]

Performance bending and coiling machine “B 36”

November 2018 — Wafios’s “Performance” machines are produced in PR China, where the Germany-based company operates its own production facility in the city of Zhangjiagang.  [read more]

Welding machine eliminates all line wire de-coiling stations

November 2018 — The “AKK” welding line has set a new mark in mesh production. Its design eliminates all idle times and at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines. All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding...[read more]

How to draw finest wire for luxury watches

November 2018 — High-strength wires for watch wristband pins are manufactured on a special straight-line drawing machine, that German Ernst Koch has realised. The wires are later incorporated in luxury Swiss timepieces that represent the ultimate in quality. [read more]

Automatised centre for cutting and bending wire

November 2018 — Italian Oscam SRL introduces the latest version of their “Smart Combi”. The highly automatised centre for cutting and bending steel now can work reinforced steel wire of diameters up to 43mm. [read more]

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