Equipment for special cable production as you need it

September 2018 — WTM designs, develops and manufactures machines for producing special cables. The program includes cable taping, spinning and screening machines, single-twist stranders, and rewinding lines inclusively thermic treatments. [read more]

New lubes for Asia’s wire processing industry

September 2018 — At the Shanghai fair, French company Condat will share its long term expertise on wire drawing lubrication. Beside products like non-reactive and reactive coatings, dry powder lubricants, oils, pastes, greases, protection and degreasing products, the...[read more]

Alloy Wire International at “wire China” for the first time

September 2018 — British and Chinese experts will be in hall W1 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre September 2018 to talk through AWI’s range of high performance alloys, which are all DFARS and EU compliant and can be supplied in quantities from 3m...[read more]

Niehoff presents latest trends in multiwire drawing

September 2018 — German firm Niehoff and its Chinese affiliate will display at “wire China” 2018 an “MMH 101+RM 161” multiwire drawing line, a high speed double twist bunching machine “D 631.5”, and an “NPS SV 400...[read more]

Want to be more flexible when respooling?

September 2018 — The “Poli” is Gimax’ classic machine. It has been designed at the enterprise's early beginnings, was upgraded and updated regularly in different versions to handle applications more flexible. And it is still going...[read more]

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