Extrusion systems for the cable industry

June 2017 — German enterprise Troester manufactures complete extrusion systems for the cable industry. At “wire Southeast Asia” Troester will present their technology and solutions. [read more]

An app to find the right alloy

June 2017 — British Alloy Wire International, supplier of wire in high performance alloys, has launched a new application to help its customer base find the right material for their applications. [read more]

Stand-alone butt-welder for wire up to 16mm diameter

May 2017 — US-American Automated Industrial Machinery has released a new stand-alone product for wire welding. The precision butt welder “BW series” consists of machines from 40 to 150 KVA for up to 16mm diameter with AC or mid frequency inverter...[read more]

Maillefer with new entity for Consultation

May 2017 — Consultation is a new service entity within Maillefer group that is built around the wire and cable production process. It exploits the enterprise's core knowledge for individual advice and process skill improvements of wire and cable...[read more]

High-speed double twist bunchers/stranders

May 2017 — Setic provides high-speed double twist bunchers/stranders for the automotive industry as well as complete solutions to produce high quality LAN, special and control cables with enhanced performances (in one step or two steps according...[read more]

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