Rotating machines for the cable industry

August 2017 — Setic and Pourtier, French members of Gauder Group, offer twisting and stranding solutions. Daloo, Chinese group member, proposes medium-cost machinery based on the same quality standards. Services C2S and Bow Technology offer and used machines. [read more]

Single head bending and coiling machine

August 2017 — "Performance machines" are manufactured at Wafios China based on the long-term German engineering know-How. They are designed for most of the common wire bending applications in the basic configuration. [read more]

Buttwelding machines for the wire and cable industry

August 2017 — August Strecker offers butt welding machines for all kinds of wires starting at 0.04mm diameter up to 60mm maximal for solid steel and up to 56mm diameter for solid non-ferrous wires, including welders with automatic deburring cycle. [read more]

Triaxial cables with Chemours Teflon fluoroplastics

August 2017 — German HEW-Kabel uses Chemours' Teflon fluoroplastics for triaxial cables in measuring devices. Capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon are designed for contactless path, distance and position measurements. They ensure accuracy and stability. The...[read more]

Cleaning and plating plants for wire

August 2017 — “Copperjet” is a copper coating plant for welding wires working with speeds up to 25-30 m/s. The modular design satisfies a wide range of quality demands and applications for CO2, MIG, FCW+SAW welding wires but also stainless steel...[read more]

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