“Spring designer 3D” for “WIM” CNC coiler machines

August 2019 — “Spring Designer 3D” is a new software specially designed by Fortuna Federn for the “WIM” CNC spring lathe coilers. It enables a fast and easy machine setup with tremendous 3D visualisation. Spring Designer 3 D is available now on all new WIM “4AX” and “5AX” models.

All changes made in spring program are instantly visible on 3D preview model. Vice versus, each change made on 3D model is updated in numerical spring program. The software is user friendly more then any interface before and operator training time in minimised.  Excellent new tool implemented on this software is called “Spring Template Wizard” tool. This tool enables machine setup from hard copy spring blueprint to production in three steps. It takes less then 2min to create new spring program ready for production. Each spring program and machine setup can be saved under new name and detailed description. Recipe list can be saved to external USB memory.

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