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April 2019 — Continuously since 2003 and despite the presently low economy in Russia, Eder Engineering-Austria will take part in the Austrian Pavilion in Hall Forum. 

Being active in the former USSR since 1956 already, Russia and the C.I.S. always have been good markets for both Eder’s advanced drawing die-tools and particularly for leading die-tool working machines, designed under over 70 years of specialisation and as easy to understand and to operate conceptions. The Russian wire and cable producing industry too is increasingly aware of the fact that only perfectly produced and perfectly repaired drawing dies are drawing good wire. Eder-Austria is supporting them with the right high tech equipment to compensate increasingly less human skills available in the die workshops. Single machines for upgrading of an already existing infrastructure, completely equipped die reconditioning workshops, but also complete die-tool production lines in state-of-the-art technology and all kinds of die-tools are supplied to customers from Moscow down to Siberia.

Eder Engineering GmbH
wire Russia 2019, Forum / C29
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