Austrian exhibitors at the shanghai trade show

July 2018 — As repeatedly done previously already, a group of ten Austrian exhibitors will present themselves in the Austrian Pavilion, being jointly organised in Shanghai by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the association  AWCMA/VOEDKM. 

These companies are Ebner Industrieofenbau, Eder Engineering, Pengg, MAG, Mali, Medek+Schörner, Rosendahl Nextrom, Unitek and Advantage Austria. At the AWCMA booth, catalogues and information of non-exhibiting Austrian member companies will be available, while the traditional „Café Vienna“, located at Austrian Information stand hall W1 booth C50 will offer typical Austrian hospitality to visitors of member companies at this 2018 event.


wire China 2018, hall W1 booth D49

Tel.: +43 1 3674949

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