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November 2012 — PWM, manufacturer of cold welding equipment and dies, will be demonstrating its range of British-made, high-performance cold pressure welders, on Stand 1-E06 at the Cable & Wire Fair, CNR Expo, Istanbul. PWM machines are durable, reliable and easy to operate. They will join non-ferrous wire and strip quickly and cost-effectively without heat, flux, fillers or fumes. No set up time is required and the permanent weld created is stronger than the parent material. The M10, M25 and M30 hand-held portable welders are ideal for repairing wire breaks quickly in confined spaces. Comfortable to hold and simple to operate, they have capacities from 0.10mm to 1.80mm copper/aluminium. The versatile BM10 and BM30 models, which can be mounted on a workbench or a mobile trolley, provide a reliable weld on wire sizes 0.10mm to 1.80mm copper/aluminium. Light hand pressure on the operating lever completes the weld in seconds. The largest manual machine on show, the M101, is a strong, heavy-duty machine, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain, due to the small number of component parts. One of PWMs best-selling models, the M101, for wire sizes 1.00mm to 3.60mm copper and 1.00mm to 5.00mm EC aluminium, can be bench-mounted or supplied with a trolley, enabling the operator wheel the machine quickly to the work area. PWMs unique cold welding equipment is made to high quality standards by skilled technicians in PWMs own UK workshops. Dies are individually hand-made in matched sets, in standard or custom sizes, to suit round or profile wire. The companys extensive range includes air/hydraulic, electro/hydraulic pneumatic and electro/pneumatic machines, with capacities up to 25mm copper and 30.00mm aluminium. Full details and video at

Pressure Welding Machines
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