Complete extrusion systems for the cable industry

February 2017 — In 1892, the German engineer Paul Troester started building machines which could process unvulcanized rubber and guttapercha. 125 years later in 2017, Troester GmbH+Co. KG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete extrusion systems for the cable industry.

 The excellent results produced by its extrusion technology makes Troester a competent and reliable partner in the cable industry. On the “wire Russia” Troester will present their technology and solutions in the field of:
– rubber CV and CCV-lines up to 35kV
– XLPE CCV and VCV lines for power cables up to 500kV
– sheathing lines for medium and high voltage cables
– insulation lines for LV and MV cables

X-Compound, member of the Troester Group will join the booth and present their kneader technology for the continuous compounding of HFFR (LSOH), PVC, XLPE, Semiconductive materials and EPR/EPDM. X-Compound is specialized in the planning and construction of complete systems for the compounding of plastics with the process steps conveying, melting, dispersing, mixing and degassing.

Troester GmbH+Co KG
wire Russia 2017, hall FO, booth D 31  
Phone: 49-511-87040


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