Complete extrusion systems for the cable industry

April 2019 — Troester GmbH+Co. KG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete extrusion systems for the cable industry. 

In 1892, the German engineer Paul Troester started building machines which could process unvulcanised rubber and guttapercha. Moreover 125 years later, The excellent results produced by its extrusion technology makes the enterprise a reliable partner in the cable industry. At “wire Russia” Troester will present their technology and solutions in the field of
– Rubber CV and CCV-lines up to 35kV
– XLPE CCV and VCV lines for power cables up to 500kV
– Sheathing lines for medium and high voltage cables, and
– Insulation lines for LV and MV cables.

X-Compound, member of the Troester Group will join the booth and present their kneader technology for the continuous compounding of HFFR (LSOH), PVC, XLPE, semi conductive materials and EPR/EPDM. X-Compound is specialised in the planning and construction of complete systems for the compounding of plastics with the process steps conveying, melting, dispersing, mixing and degassing.

Troester GmbH+Co. KG
wire Russia 2019, Forum / D35
Tel.: +49 511 8704-0


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