Extrusion lines for cable production

January 2018 — Rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau presents at “wire” fair news especially for the silicone cable production. Rubicon offers specially adapted extruders and extrusion heads for the manufacturing of rubber- or silicone-coated cables and wires. 

1, 2 and 3-fold extrusion lines are equipped with high-performance vulcanization lines. These enable the efficient vulcanization of both peroxide and platinum crosslinked silicone cables. With the exhibited vulcanization tunnels, Rubicon shows universally applicable machines which are perfectly adapted to the production of silicone-coated cables. Among other fields of application, they can be used for the production of ceramifying, flame-retardant fire protection cables. The infrared tunnel for silicone cables impresses with its compact design. Depending on the required product speed, these tunnels can be flexibly combined. Redirecting units for the multi-pass of the cable allow a space-saving vulcanization. Furthermore, a horizontal infrared shock tunnel will be shown at the exhibition stand. As a shock as well as a vulcanization tunnel, it offers versatile application possibilities for the non-contact vulcanization of silicone cables, hoses and profiles. Rubicon supplies turnkey solutions. According to customer wishes and requirements, the production lines are completed with winders and unwinders, measuring equipment, cable marking printers, cooling devices, storage units and spark testers. In addition to extruders for the production of a great variety of technical rubber products, the company produces complete lines for the production of profiles and hoses with salt bath, microwave, hot-air and infrared vulcanization. Furthermore the company offers laboratory extruders and mills as well as machinery for the processing of thermoplastic elastomers.

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