Growing application for silicone cable extrusion lines

May 2019 — With long experience in the development and manufacturing of rubber and silicone extrusion lines, German machine manufacturer Rubicon introduced recently a new infrared curing technology for its silicone wire and cable extrusion equipment. 

Based on the former generation of cable curing ovens which have been proven in the industry for more than six years the new generation provides better energy efficiency. The silicone cable vulcanization is based on a modular design. The shock tunnel takes over the fast fixation of silicone surface, in order to avoid damages on cable surface. The following new modules of infrared curing tunnels (6 to 12 pcs.) are responsible for fast and full curing of the cable jacket. The selection of module numbers opens a wide range regarding wire and cable diameters and line speed.

Rubicon delivered more than ten extrusion units and lines to the fast worldwide growing silicone cable market. Especially for high and low temperature conditions silicone cables exceed the performance most of traditional materials. New areas of application are high voltage cables for electro and hybrid cars promising further capacity expansion. Another important application of silicone cables are fire resistant cables. Therefore highly filled abrasive silicone materials are commonly used. Rubicon is the first producer who has developed special silicone extruders to resist the extensive wear of these materials. 

The provided lines are delivered as turn-key equipment or as individual machines. Turn-key lines consist of wire unwinding, preheating, single, double or triple extruders including cross head, infrared shock tunnel, infrared curing tunnels, cooling channel, powder applicator, accumulator, pulling and winding up machines. A sophisticated control system including diameter, concentricity, speed and tension measuring guarantees automatic start-up process, high and stable product quality and low process waste. With the new special designed software of the control system records all relevant user, material, quality and process data and allows a seamless traceability of the product.

These lines are suitable and proven in processing as well peroxide cured as platinum-catalysed silicones fulfilling depending on the customer requirement all required standards for the medical, food and automotive industry.
The complete silicone cable extrusion lines are tested in Rubicon factory before delivery.

Rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH
wire Russia 2019, Forum / C54
Tel.: +49 345 53015-0

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