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October 2018 — Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and its Indian subsidiary will display a 32 wire multiwire drawing machine “MMH 121” and a stranding machine for data cables type “DSI 631” with backtwist pay-off type “ARD 630”. Further will be shown wear and tear parts, spare parts and services of the “Niehoff Original+” label.

The partner companies August Strecker (wire welding machines), Zeller+Gmelin (drawing lubricants), H. Folke Sandelin AB (horizontal lead extrusion and cable stripping, repair and recovery equipment), Johann Leimbach (machines for the cable industry) and Plasmait (heat and surface treatment machines) will also be in attendance at the Niehoff booth to introduce visitors to their products and services.

The multiwire drawing machine MMH 121 built by NoI under Niehoff licence is designed to draw simultaneously 32 wires in one level from 2.05mm inlet diameter to a minimum final diameter of 0.20mm up to 1.05mm (copper hard). The maximum production speed is 35m/s. The machine is best suited for the production of electronic wires as well as for building wires. MMH machines are based on a modular principle and can therefore be built ideally adapted to the specific tasks of customers. Around 1,500 MMH lines are in operation world-wide. The wires drawn on them exceed the most demanding specifications and processing requirements as far as physical properties and can be processed to multiwire bundles with outstanding characteristics. The DSI 631 type double-twist stranding machine combined with an upstream back twist pay-off type ARD 630 has been designed for the stranding of insulated conductors into pairs and quads and the stranding of four conductor pairs into LAN cables. The machine is designed for strands with a maximum stranding diameter of 6.00mm (in the standard version) and a steplessly variable lay length of 6mm to 180mm. The maximum number of twists is 5,600twists/min (steplessly variable) while the maximum production speed is 300m/min. The machine is able to manufacture reliably LAN cables of all categories – even of future generations – as well as pairs with tape shielding, bus cables and other telecommunications cables. The DSI stranding machines system includes a lot of additional auxiliary equipment, so that customer-specific production lines can be created and rapidly rebuilt depending on the order situation. Compared with other machines and process technologies, the combination possibilities of the DSI system generate significant financial advantages for the manufacture of certain products or a certain production performance.

Niehoff started its business activities in India more than 30 years ago in 1986 with the Indian firm Asaco. In 1997, both companies founded the common joint venture company Niehoff of India. When Niehoff acquired all NoI shares in 2003, NoI became a 100% subsidiary of the Niehoff Group. Since 2007 NoI has been operating a modern equipped factory near Hyderabad. Today, the factory has a total production area of 11,000m² and 700m² office space. The production area includes a state-of-the-art production line equipped with modern machinery, a paint shop, an assembly area, a test stand and a warehouse. NoI builds rod breakdown and multiwire drawing machines, annealers, spoolers, bunching machines and pay-offs under Niehoff license and adapted to the requirements of the Indian market. NoI has rapidly become the market leader in India for rod breakdown, multiwire drawing and bunching machines. NoI machines are mainly destined for the Indian market. NoI, however, has also delivered machines to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, Jordan, Mali, Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries.

Niehoff of India Private Limited
wire India 2018, hall 1 booth H 18
Tel.: +49 9122 977-0

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