Rotating machines forátheácableáindustry

August 2017 — Setic and Pourtier, French members of Gauder Group, offer twisting and stranding solutions. Daloo, Chinese group member, proposes medium-cost machinery based on the same quality standards. Services C2S and Bow Technology offer and used machines.

Setic provides high-speed double twist bunchers/stranders for the automotive industry as well as complete solutions to produce high quality LAN, special and control cables with enhanced performances (in one step or two steps according to product mix); the Company is continuously developing new lines and new concepts for non-ferrous cables in order to meet the customers’ needs such as tandem “mica taping/bunching”, special high speed lines for battery cable, new high speed lines for special and instrumentation cables, … All these machines are made in France with the highest standards in design and manufacturing.

Pourtier is a master buy with its heavy-duty stranders, cablers and armouring lines for ferrous and non-ferrous cables and has made impressive achievement in the field of submarine and umbilical cables offering a complete range of stranding, paper lapping, cabling and armouring machines. Its high efficiency revolutionary multiwire concentric stranding line is also widely used for low and medium power cable production. All these machines are made in Europe with the highest standards in design and manufacturing for the production of all types of high voltage and extra-high voltage power cable: from overhead cable (including “ACCC”, “ACSS-TW” and “ACSR-TW”) to insulated cable AC type (using high quality Milliken conductor) or DC type (using large round compacted conductor or trapezoidal wires).

Daloo is the logical extension of the group global offer for cable producers looking for an attractive alternative between new machines made in Europe (with higher cost) and second-hand machines. Its rigid stranders, drum twisters, taping lines, rewinding lines, pay-offs and take-ups as well as pulling caterpillars for the production of power and communication cables are designed and made in China following Gauder Group proven methods and strict quality criteria: systematic quality control all along the process, main and critical components ordered to well-known companies, support from local agents.

Rich of a long experience, the C2S - Cable Services+Systems and Bows division of Gauder Group - is acting as an overall efficiency booster to restore wire and cable production lines productivity and product quality, whatever the brand of the equipment. C2S is being assigned spare parts and high technology bows (including the exclusive and patented “GreenBow2” enabling energy savings), upgrades and maintenance projects as well as transfer and restart operations of complete lines, for all brands. The team of over 55 technicians includes former Lesmo and Cortinovis engineers.

Gauder is at the head of the largest stock of second-hand machines for the wire and cable industry in Europe and is N°1 in complete plant reselling. The company is the ideal partner to set up “ready to manufacture processes” for the production of wires, conductors, cables, ropes or steel products. It has today become a key player in reconditioning machines and gained - among other skills - a specific know-how in lead extruders revamping. The company also markets new Mapré extruders ranging 38mm up to 150mm available with accessories.

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