Straight-line wire drawing with automatic back-pull control

October 2014 — To satisfy today’s demand of modern wire drawing mills; Lamnea Bruk AB developed the straight-line drawing technology. “DMS” allows straight-line drawing with fully automatic and controllable back pull control. The wires are guided straight-line from block to block with no contact points than the drawing die. For the ferrous and stainless steel wire industry they are a reliable supplier of pay-offs, mechanical de-scaling equipment, drawing machines and take-up units. Their journey in the wire drawing industry started more than 100 years ago which has given them a tremendous amount of experience which Lamnea Bruk incorporate in the design of their machines and equipment. For the solid welding wire industry the company supply complete lines including pay offs, cleaning equipment, drawing machines, copper coating and take ups. For tubular wire or flux core wire they supply strip rewind lines, strip pay offs, forming – filling – closing machines, drawing machines and take-ups. Lamnea Bruk also supply high speed rewinding lines including precision layer winders and drum packer for both solid and tubular wire. For the low/high carbon and stainless steel wire industry they are supplying rotating and/or overhead pay off systems, mechanical cleaning units for carbon wire, drawing machines and take ups. The take up systems range from down coilers with controlled filling systems to automatic spoolers. Lamnea Bruk also makes pay-offs and take up systems for heat and surface treatment of high and low carbon wires as well as stainless steel wires.

Lamnea Bruk AB
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