Taping lines for producing taped or wrapped conductors

April 2017 — Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH is a family owned company, established in 1959, that produces customer specific equipment for the wire and cable industry. At “wire Russia”, Lukas Anlagenbau is once again sub-exhibitor at the booth of their representative, Messrs. Permanent K+M, Moskow. 

The focus of the products is on complete taping lines for producing taped or wrapped conductors with tape materials like PTFE, Kapton, Metal Tapes, Mica, Polyester, etc. Also for producing special cables for medical, aircraft and high frequency applications, their taping lines can be found at many well-known suppliers worldwide. Furthermore the product range covers single components like pay-offs, capstans, caterpillars and take-ups, up to complete rewinding lines and fine wire drawing lines for non-ferrous materials. During the last years the development has been advanced by the intention of energy and size reduction. At this year's wire Russia show, Lukas answer to this request with new components that are supposed to solidify their position in taping machines for high frequency coax cable applications and to extend our business in the cable industry with cost-optimized and easy-to-integrate taping and heating solutions. This should give incentives especially to the Russian market.

Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH
wire Russia 2017, booth B 29-1
Phone: +49 9651 930-0




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