Up to three times higher drawing speed

July 2019 — Against the background of burgeoning trade conflicts and an increasing number of embargoes that further limit the chances of free trade in the world, companies start looking for alternatives for selling their products. 

The focus of their activities shifts to the ASEAN region. Promising for success seems the comprehensive experience and know how company has in regards to the technology of wire shaving for the production of high-quality wire. This technology is interesting especially to those wire producers who intend to increase the quality of their products and to make their production process more efficient and more flexible. Even from low quality inlet material which can be purchased at reasonable costs, faultless wire can be produced by shaving, that meets top quality demands. Not less interesting, particularly with regard to the infrastructural projects in the region, are the high-speed trolley-wire drawing plants designed by Kieselstein. By optimising the cooling concept the plants reach a three times higher drawing speed than comparable plants in the market. This tremendous increase of the productivity makes the plants an economically highly interesting investment. 

Kieselstein International GmbH
wire Southeast Asia 2019, booth E 12
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