Variable endseal “Trendseal” and “Continuous Kneader”

September 2019 — At “wire South America” – October 1 to 3 in São Paulo/Brazil – German company Troester will present a variety of information and new developments in the field of high and extra-high voltage CCV lines and VCV lines for XLPE and rubber cables, one step silane lines for LV and MV cable applications.

Troester also will be showcasing high speed insulation lines and sheathing lines, including building wire, automotive, oil+gas, renewable solar and windfarm, electronics and flexible cord applications. The enterprise will introduce more technical solutions for CV tube components, heavy duty cable jacketing and submarine cable equipment, including the variable cable end seal for continuous vulcanisation “Trendseal”, advances of true Industry 4.0, True triple extrusion crosshead “TQU” and “Continuous Kneader”. Troester will also be presenting its subsidiary X-Compound, which supplies complete compounding plants for cable applications such as PVC, HFFR, peroxide or silane base XLPE, semi-conductive material and special materials.

In 1892, German engineer Paul Troester started building machines which could process unvulcanised rubber and guttapercha. Moreover 125 years Troester is well known as an extrusion partner and a supplier of machines and lines for the cable manufacturing industry.

Troester GmbH+Co KG
wire South America 2019, German pavilion booth 605
Tel.: +49 511 8704-0

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