Wire butt welding devices for diameters from 0.3mm to 16mm

May 2019 — Wire butt welders from Schlatter have stood for quality and reliability for 30 years. The “E10” and “M10” models have been added to the proven “S”, "E” and “M” models. In addition to steel, copper, brass and light metal wires, they also process flat steels.

Schlatter’s wire butt welding devices have meant quality and reliability for over 30 years. Versions “E10” and “M10” from the new generation have been added in 2013 to the previously proven versions “S”, “E” and “M” which had already been widely used on the market in high numbers and for decades. This new generation of wire butt welding devices, in particular, boasts tight welded joints in consistently high quality, automated welding process, high aligning accuracy due to precise parallel guidance, robust design that is reliable in function as well as easy operation and maintenance. In addition to the classic welding of steel, copper, brass and light-metal wires of diameters ranging from 0.3mm up to 16mm, Schlatter wire butt welding devices, in particular version M10, are also suitable for the processing of flat steels. Furthermore, all basic versions can be upgraded with numerous options depending on the individual requirements of each client.  When you are purchasing one of our wire butt welding devices, you will not only acquire a high quality product, but you also decide in favour of a high performing and reliable partner accompanying you throughout the entire service life of your investment at the same time.

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