Energy-efficient processing of high-tech metals

February 2020 — The new electro-pulse plant developed at the Institute for Processing Machines (IAM) of the TU Freiberg in the joint project “ELIZE” enables a particularly energy-efficient processing of important high-tech metals for industry....[read more]

From 2D crystal to 1D wire

January 2020 — No volume, not even a surface: A one-dimensional material is like a wire and has properties that are completely different to its 3D counterpart. Physicists at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) have now discovered a system that, at warmer...[read more]

Die cast aluminum coils for efficient electric motors

January 2020 — Whether pedelecs, e-scooters or drones, most types of mobility are powered by an electric motor. In order to make these motors more efficient, there are a number of challenges to be addressed in terms of efficiency, weight, and material and...[read more]

The seven top industrial research and development trends

December 2019 — How can companies make their research and development activities fit for the future and which promising trends will help them achieve this goal? Fraunhofer IAO put this question to R+D experts and presented their responses in a study titled...[read more]

Faster procedure for flame-retardant plastics

October 2019 — Many modern plastic materials do not come without added flame protection. When developing new plastic compositions of this kind, the aim is to achieve an optimum combination of flame retardancy, processability and mechanical...[read more]

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