Nanowire as a conductor

May 2017 — Down to 14nm, the industry has shrunk central elements of its computer chips the past years. But now there are physical limits underneath this size. An alternative could be the self-organisation of the complex components of molecules and atoms. [read more]

Dies out of the 3D printer

May 2017 — Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems have succeeded in producing complex carbide tools using 3D printing. Their mechanical and chemical resistance should not be inferior to conventionally produced wire drawing...[read more]

The art of creating an EMC compatible cable

February 2017 — Complex coupling mechanisms must be considered when designing EMC compatible cables with optimum shielding. In recent years, EMC has become ever-present. Along with other operating equipment, this applies also to EMC shielded cables which are...[read more]

Up to 30% stronger than common 9% chromium steels

February 2017 — With over 2,500 grades, steel is highly specialised for different applications. Even the smallest changes of the composition can modify the material properties on an atomic scale, and could improve material properties on the macroscale. [read more]

Gum metals? Maybe the way for new applications!

February 2017 — Metals which can be bent as gum could open new applications. So-called "gum metals" already exist. But the mechanism behind their behaviour was still unsettled. German Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung has observed a new phase...[read more]

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