Psychology meets production

August 2019 — How does networked manufacturing deal with malfunctions? That’s the subject of the three-year project “Spaicer”, which has won the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy’s ideas competition. It is to be put into...[read more]

Development of ball studs for hybrid cars

August 2019 — The increased axel loads in hybrid cars demand improved properties of chassis components such as ball studs. Due to the space available, the dimensions cannot be increased. Therefore parts like these require new materials with higher fatigue strength...[read more]

Energy-efficient superconducting cable

August 2019 — The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has developed a superconducting cable which - when cooled with nitrogen instead of helium - transports large quantities of electrical energy almost loss-free. It should be easy to manufacture. Industry...[read more]

Thermomechanically treated bars with increased performance

August 2019 — With the High Deformation Quenching and Tempering-technology existing ranges of materials can be used for a combination of strength and ductility. The sequence of an intensive forming step with a controllable thermomechanical treatment ensures...[read more]

Forming without changing mechanical properties

August 2019 — A new process makes it possible to process round rods based on tungsten with a 63% degree of deformation. The result is lengths up to 720mm instead of the previous maximum of 320mm at a diameter of 10.5mm. The loss of material due to the machining...[read more]

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