A user-related wire web

March 2018 — Almost no other product had the same versatility and such a range of applications as wire, says Rudolf Kawalla, chair holder of the Metal Forming Institute of Technical University Bergakademie in Freiberg. His unit is one of the knots in...[read more]

Optimum illumination for a better wire quality

March 2018 — The camera-based inspection of wire surfaces is a demanding task - especially if surface defects are to be detected during production. The right illumination design is decisive. Only an optimally designed illumination for the respective measuring...[read more]

Wire ropes and rope wires under ultra deep temperature

September 2017 — 40°C below zero the work has to pause. A lower temperature does not comply with the safety rules for mobile cranes. But is this technically mandatory? The following reports tests with ropes and wire bobbins, which were carried out at temperatures...[read more]

Nanowire as a conductor

May 2017 — Down to 14nm, the industry has shrunk central elements of its computer chips the past years. But now there are physical limits underneath this size. An alternative could be the self-organisation of the complex components of molecules and atoms. [read more]

Dies out of the 3D printer

May 2017 — Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems have succeeded in producing complex carbide tools using 3D printing. Their mechanical and chemical resistance should not be inferior to conventionally produced wire drawing...[read more]

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