Tools for straightening and wire machines in the webshop

December 2017 — Customers of Wafios can order their wire processing tools quickly and conveniently from the company’s “Tool Center”. Thanks to its responsive design, orders can be placed from any current smartphone, PC, tablet or notebook. [read more]

New drawing die measuring instrument

December 2017 — A new method measures drawing die profiles fast and with high repeatability. “DIAM 6” scales die diameter, bearing length and reduction angle of drawing dies within a few seconds. The repeatability of bearing length is better than 1%...[read more]

Adapting “MRP” tools increase productivity

December 2017 — With the servo production system “BNC 4” from Otto Bihler, classic stamped and bent parts made of strip and wire can be manufactured more productively and flexibly. The machine and all units are compatible with the so-called...[read more]

First there was Porsche …

December 2017 — Leoni has shown in its 100-year history that it can adapt to new business and technological trends and has repeatedly set them. Someone who knows this only too well is Mr. Bernd Kaefer, a long-time member of Leoni’s R+D staff. [read more]

Shape and colour as needed

November 2017 — German Leoni presents a new type of optical fibre. It offers unimagined capabilities for ambient lighting and individual product design with its 360-degree light distribution. Use is possible in factory automation, industry, cars, and buildings and...[read more]

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