Highly automated spring end grinding machine

September 2017 — Developed in Germany, built by the Chinese subsidiary company: Wafios’ “G 450” is intended to cover wide customer circles and the most frequent tasks around the grinding of spring ends. A bulky option package serves...[read more]

Expected copper demand of EVs 2027 nine times higher

August 2017 — The market for electric vehicles (EV) will significantly increase the need for copper. That’s the tenor of a current research commissioned by the International Copper Association. The study provides new insight into copper’s essential...[read more]

Cable, wire-processing and the “wire” fair 2018

August 2017 — The term “information society” has been spreading at an increasing speed. It includes the idea of a society based on communication technology. The last 25 years have seen unprecedented developments in many areas of our lives. The wire and...[read more]

Improved cable burning behaviour

August 2017 — Will bedding compounds allow to meet demanding requirements regarding the fire performance of cables? German compound specialist Melos offers cost-effective bedding solutions for various requirements. [read more]

Wire forming plus assembling

August 2017 — With a new order underway for a customer in Dubai following success in supplying distributors across Europe, GRP Tools, specialist supplier of glass fibre applicators and ancillaries to the trade, are well on their way to their 1500 unit daily output...[read more]

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