Lubricant specialist with carbon neutral footprint

March 2020 — Zeller+Gmelin is officially a climate neutral location. Certified climate experts Fokus Zukunft certified the firm as a “Climate Neutral Company 2020” after determining its carbon footprint. The organisation...[read more]

Hatebur celebrates 90 years of history and presents innovations

March 2020 — At “wire”, Hatebur showcases its high-tech solutions. Visitors will also be able to gaze at a brand-new Carlo Salvi machine at the booth. Besides innovations and product novelties, Hatebur and...[read more]

Newly developed surface quality “Opti-S”

February 2020 — Lüling will show their newly developed surface quality “Opti-S” in Dusseldorf. The name “Opti-S”, comes from “optimal surface” and is an innovative opportunity for...[read more]

New standards for straightening machines

February 2020 — Eurobend, one of the leading suppliers of straightening and cutting machines, has set another milestone in the field of rotor straightening machines with hyperbolic rollers: the maintenance-free 5G rotor (patent). [read more]

Historic steel company seeks new strategies

February 2020 — Suzuki Garphyttan is the industrial company that focuses the energy on its leaders and employees. With an open dialogue and participation, the international industrial group is now making major changes to be even more successful in the...[read more]

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