Servo machine adapts to tasks flexibly

March 2018 — Safety brackets are used to easily and safely anchor child seats in cars. They are manufactured from high-strength steel wire with a diameter of 6mm up to now on a mechanical "GRM 80" stamping and forming machine, and now on a servo...[read more]

Conti and batch heat treatment plants for wire industry

March 2018 — Different heat treatment processes are available for different types of steel wire. Depending on the respective production requirements, a great variety of alternative furnace plant designs is available which are all included in the product range of...[read more]

Tough, high-strength or as easily deformable as wanted

March 2018 — "XTP" is the abbreviation for Xtreme Performance. XTP-treated standard steels should be easier to form, toughen and more durable than expensive alloys without expensive alloying additives. At "wire" fair, Steeltec presents the...[read more]

Performance bending and coiling machine “B 36”

March 2018 — Wafios’s very latest machine to be launched is the “B 36”, a high-performance CNC bending and coiling system, that has been showcased on selected Asian markets since mid-2017. Now the German company will present the machine at...[read more]

Quality management ready for Industry 4.0 with OPC UA

March 2018 — Zumbach Electronic AG equips their instruments with the recognised OPC UA standard. With this key technology, measurement solutions provide easy, scalable and secure information exchange with different systems in the production line. [read more]

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