Lueling defines a new surface quality

September 2019 — “Opti-S” is a new surface quality from the German wire manufacturer Fr.+H. Lueling. The token stands for “Optimal Surface”, and it’s intended to replace time-consuming final tests. The new quality is currently...[read more]

More than only to support the human colleague ...

August 2019 — You can definitely rely on robots. The sales figures year by year increase, and the versatility and application range, too. Soon enough, robots will use artificial intelligence to catapult industrial production into spheres that were previously...[read more]

Condumex relies on Smart Factory software

August 2019 — Mexican enterprise Condumex had to replace the existing ERP system. Since none of the standard systems on the market would cover the cable production’s special requirements, the company decided to use the industry specific cable solution...[read more]

Forming without changing mechanical properties

August 2019 — A new process makes it possible to process round rods based on tungsten with a 63% degree of deformation. The result is lengths up to 720mm instead of the previous maximum of 320mm at a diameter of 10.5mm. The loss of material due to the machining...[read more]

A look over the shoulder of Wafios’ developers

July 2019 — In May German Wafios group had held the 12th in-house show. The exhibition traditionally takes place in the years between the “wire Dusseldorf” fairs under the roof of the subsidiary in Wuppertal. Various development projects were...[read more]

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