“Ultra-Mix” one step process compounding unit

December 2019 — Traditional XLPE cables are produced with ready-made compounds from various suppliers. These compounds have predefined recipes of base LDPE, Silane or Antioxidants and Peroxide. “Ultra-Mix” has been developed, for combining separate compounds online during extrusion.

Online compounding offers improvements in several aspects. There is a wide range of suppliers offering base LDPE grades for cable insulation without Silane or Peroxide and Antioxidants. Customers have a large freedom of choice. Traditional XLPE compounds are limited to using chemicals that are solid at room temperatures, otherwise the compound would suffer from chemical sweat out. Shelf life makes storing premix compounds a concern.

The use of online dosing removes some of these restrictions and gives the cable manufacturer a wider selection of Silane or Peroxides and Antioxidants. Online dosing offers a significantly longer shelf-life. Using alternative peroxides can even result in increased extruder outputs and longer production runs.

The system form E-Xhead is for both Silane or Peroxide and Antioxidant dosing. The system consists of one to seven feeders with gravimetric measurement for accurate dosing. When different solid compounds are ready as a batch, Precision injection of Silane or Peroxide and Antioxidant is effectuated. While Liquid and Solid are mixed together next batch is under preparation. 

Ultra-Mix can be simply installed on any extruders within one day. The system is independent of the extrusion line PLC, therefore no requirement to connect unit to the extruders line control system. It can work up to 7 solid compounds + 2 liquids (Silane) or (Peroxide and Antioxidant) with a very high mixing precision of solid + liquid. The software can store more than 500 recipes. Ultra-Mix is certified ATEX-95.

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