Improved cable burning behaviour

August 2017 — Will bedding compounds allow to meet demanding requirements regarding the fire performance of cables? German compound specialist Melos offers cost-effective bedding solutions for various requirements.

The introduction of the new CPR product regulations urges cable manufacturers to reflect their designs. According to Ron Goethals and Marcus Hohlweck, responsible for the cooperation between the enterprises Inhol and Melos, many manufacturers will have to reconsider the constructions of copper and optical fibre cables whilst keeping control on their total costs. As a global expert, Melos is committed to support the cable industry, based on 30 years of experience with halogen-free, flame retardant compounds.

On-going developments and trials prove the positive impact of new designed “HFFR-LS” bedding compounds on issues like
– Burning properties in terms of heat release and flame propagation
– Reduced emission of toxic gases, halogen-free, eco-friendly
– Cost reduction as a result of optimized processing
– Range of FM compounds for 2-step and tandem (in-line) extrusion
– Excellent filling of gaps between insulation and outer sheathing

In accordance with the new regulations, priority is given to saving lives, containing the blaze and reducing the damage in case of fire in a building. Cables certainly play an important part in this process. Remarkable results were obtained recently by cable factories in the USA and Europe with specific bedding compounds containing an effective combination of mineral flame retardants. It is a fact that test results with ceramifiable tapes have not reached the performance and price level of competitive priced, highly flame-retardant bedding compounds. Test results obtained with bedding compounds can be studied in a new technical paper issued by Melos and Inhol: “Improvements of cable burning behaviour by using bedding compounds”.

Four different tests have been performed:
– Improvement of cable burning behaviour according to CSA FT-4, UL 1685 and UL 1277 on vertical tray cables
– Improvement of cable burning behaviour according to IEC 60332-3-24 on optical fibre cables
– CPR tests on European Standard Power Cables (NHXMH), and
– CPR tests on optical fibre cables

In the coming decades matters like Heat Release, Flame Propagation, Toxic Gases, Low Smoke+Halogen Free will be key issues for the design of new cable constructions world-wide. Melos and Inhol offer different solutions to improve the flame retardancy properties of copper and optical fibre cables to meet demanding regulations like the new CPR. As a well-experienced compounder, Melos is ready to guide their customers through the new specifications and processing issues. Melos is always available for in-house presentations and technical support during trial production runs with bedding and specialty HFFR-LS sheathing compounds.

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