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February 2017 — Have you ever wondered how the production of reinforcing mesh might look like in the future? Swiss Schlatter is moving the fabrication here to a new level. And this can only be done by using optimised high efficiency mesh welding systems.

Swiss enterprise Schlatter is moving the mesh production to a whole new level. An annual production of 80 to 100 thousand tons are being manufactured by only two mesh welding machines, and this despite the uncountable variants of mesh types with many different wire diameters. This can only be done by using the optimised high efficiency “MG316” mesh welding machine and the newly developed highly flexible but high performance “MG800” mesh welding machine. This combination allows flexible production development and, nevertheless, low processing costs.

The conventional mesh production will be revolutionised by this “new level” concept. The production quantities of three or even four machines can now be realised with only two mesh welding machines. The considerable reduction of changeover and reel exchange times has increased the effective production time of the machinery by up to 50 %. Fewer machines means a reduction in personnel, maintenance and energy costs. At the same time, space requirements and spare part inventory, which always involve major capital commitment, are decreasing significantly. With the highly productive MG316d the mass products can be manufactured at a capacity of 200 cross wires per minute. The welding machine, equipped with direct welding groups, produces on the highest quality level and does not need resetting in the welding portal sector.

Therefore, short-term mesh orders will not pose any problems at all any more. The new and highly flexible MG800 can change over to a different mesh type with a minor production stop of 30 seconds maximum. There are no more compromises to be addressed regarding production output. With 150 cross wires per minute, the MG800 operates in a capacity range of a standard mesh welding machine. The machine’s flexibility cuts down the stock capacity significantly, while the net working capital (NWC) and the storage area decrease. In addition, the purchasing risk due to fluctuating steel prices is easier to manage.

The “MG800” welding system

It can be employed wherever highly flexible and productive reinforcing mesh production is required. With less machinery, decreased space requirements, lower personnel costs and cut down stocks on hand, this machinery concept for efficient reinforcing mesh production is lifted to a higher level. Due to the high performance repeated-straightening and cutting machine (MRM) for line and cross wire, and the optimised machine processes of individual functions, a new level of productivity has been achieved. Most of the standard mesh is continually produced at a rate of 150 cycles per minute. The machine concept, including automated changeovers of line and cross wires before the MRM, and a wire feed of line wires in form of rods, allows very brief (30s) or even no changeover times from product to product at all. It is further distinguished by its great accessibility and robustness, leading to decreased maintenance and repair costs.  Here the machine’s features

– recommended speed 9m/s
– 150 cycles per minute
– continuous mesh production
– mesh to mesh production
– set up time for wire diameter 30s
– set up time for pitch, length, width 0s
– idle time during reel exchange with same diameter on two reels 30s
– mesh width 500 – 3,700mm
– mesh length 1,000 – 12,000mm
– wire diameter 5 – 13mm or 3 – 10mm
– line wire pitch at least 50mm
– high quality straightening and cutting machines
– impact of wire twisting eliminated
- cold rolled wire, corrugated
- warm rolled wire, corrugated
- warm rolled wire, micro-alloyed, corrugated
- warm rolled, elongated wire, corrugated

… and the “MG316d” machine

The MG316d is designed to ensure highest production performance of large quantities of light and heavy standard mesh. For this production type, the machine concept is characterised by its very high productivity, low operating costs and easy handling. It operates with a highly efficient line wire feed and a high performance straightening and cutting machine for cross wire with an optimised insertion of the cross wire from above or below the line wires. This enables to achieve cycle rates of up to 200 cycles per minute without a problem. 

The cross wire feed from above or below the line wires eliminates the need for a turning process. This has a positive effect on the production capacity of short mesh.The design of the new welding machine, equipped with single welding groups, for the development of 50 mm line wire grids not only reduces the changeover times immensely, but also enhances the welding quality due to the implemented direct welding technology. Just like the MG800, the MG316 is noted for its great accessibility and robustness, leading to decreased maintenance and repair costs.

With a wide range of complementary modules, they are able to be adapted to suit a great variety of requirements and allow for a gradual expansion of the automation development.

– cross wire recommended speed 22m/s
– 200 cycles per minute
– continuous mesh production.

Schlatter North America, Interwire 2017, booth 1123

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